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The Ultimate Guide to Paintball Equipment

The Ultimate Guide to Paintball Equipment

Are you looking into playing paintball for the first time?

If so, you’re likely confused about the paintball equipment that you’ll have to invest in.

While there’s a plethora of paintball gear available, you want to ensure you’ve got the essentials needed to be prepared for your first tournament.

This guide will show you what paintball equipment you should invest in as a beginner.

Here’s what you need to know.

Paintball Gun

As a beginner, you want to get a basic paintball gun that has built-in sights. This makes it easier to fire without having to take too long with aiming.

Paintball guns have an attached pump that helps fire the gun. You want to use a C02 pump as this is the easiest to maintain. These are also likely to last for several years.

You can look for more info to see how a C02 pump works. Make sure you buy a paintball gun that can hold at least 100 paintballs. This amount should be sufficient for a beginner tournament.

The paintballs are stored in a ‘hopper.’ Most paintball guns come with a built-in hopper. But you want to choose a paintball gun that allows you to mount a custom hopper.

As you play paintball more often, you can replace your hopper for a larger one that can store more paintballs.

Protective Gear

The next step is to buy protective gear to ensure you don’t sustain serious injuries from playing.

Make sure you have a paintball mask that fits you. There should be no loose space around your neck as paintballs can travel underneath the mask. Ensure that the visor is firm in case a paintball reaches there and that your eyes don’t get hit.

You want to wear long sleeve tops and bottoms. Even if it’s hot you should wear a sweater or hooded jacket. These offer the best protection for your body.

You should wear firm boots to protect your feet even though it’s rare that an opponent will shoot you there. Boots also can help prevent you from tripping as you’re running around the field. Make sure you wear long and thick woolen socks.

paintball Protective Gear

You can also consider wearing padded gloves as you hold the gun. If you get shot in your hands you can drop your gun and sprain your bones.

You also want to avoid wearing jewelry when playing paintball. If your jewelry gets struck it’ll not only damage the item but can cause more damage to your skin.

Buy your Paintball Equipment

Now you know the basic paintball equipment that you can use for a beginner tournament. You want to buy a basic paintball gun that has a built-in sight. This helps you aim without having to make much effort. You want to also use a C02 pump to fire your paintballs rapidly.

Make sure you use a paintball gun that allows you to mount a hopper of your choice. Ensure that you stick to long and padded clothing to be protected while you play paintball.

The Ultimate Guide to Paintball Equipment

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