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How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

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Walking up and down your buildings in Minecraft can be quite tiring. A water elevator is the best solution in this case. You can craft a water elevator in no time and fly through several floors without getting tired. Water elevators are like water slides that push you from top to bottom or vice versa. It contains bubbles to help you breathe while you reach your destination. Do not worry – you will not drown in the water elevator.

Water elevators are another interesting characteristic of Minecraft. And the good part is that you can craft one in a few steps.

Let’s tell you how to make a water elevator in Minecraft

Materials You Need

  • A bucket of water
  • Building blocks
  • Soul sand
  • Slab
  • Loads of kelp
  • 2 wooden signs

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Gathering the Materials

Firstly you need an iron bucket and fill it with water. You can find it in the inventory. If you do not have an iron bucket, you can craft it with iron ingots.

Get the Magma Cube and Soul Sand from the Nether. They can be easily found there, but be sure to take precautions like wearing armor.

Water can be found from water sources like a river or an ocean.

You can get blocks from the inventory. There is no particular type of block used to craft a water elevator in Minecraft. Choose any kind of blocks you like.

Crafting the Water Elevator

  • The first step is to build an elevator shaft as the base of the water elevator. This shaft will act as the upward moving elevator. Then carve out a long single-block tunnel to the top.
  • The next step is to create an entrance out of the shaft. It must not be built as a separate door. Instead, the entrance must come from the shaft itself. It makes sure that the water does not flow out.
  • Now it is time to use the two wooden signs before you add water to the shaft. Add two wooden signs to the entrance doorway. They act as blocks to prevent water from flowing through the entrance. They should not be placed inside the shaft.
  • Climb to the top of the elevator and place your water source. Put it at the exit to let the water flow downwards. 
  • At this stage, you can go down to see if it’s all done well.
  • Instead of using multiple water buckets, you can also use kelp. Place the kelp from the bottom to the top. It helps prevent the flow of water blocks into a source block. You can break the bottom help when this is done. When you break the kelp, you will have a shaft full of water source blocks.
  • Lastly, place a soul sand block after breaking the bottom elevator block. After this, your water elevator must be functional.
  • Try the water elevator by stepping inside the elevator. The bubbles will push you to the top if you have crafted the elevator properly.
  • If it does not function properly, remove the Soul Sand and place the kelp again.
  • Now that you have crafted the upward-going elevator, it is time to build a downward one. It will help you come down quickly.
  • The process is similar. But, do not add wooden signs to the entrance as done before.
  • Add a slab of your choice in the doorway and place the water bucket in the elevator. The slabs let you move through the water elevator smoothly.
  • You can also use a Magma Cube at the bottom. The Magma Cube works opposite the Soul Sand.
  • The two elevators will look like two rudimentary flower shapes having a combined petal.

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How to make a Water Bucket in Minecraft?

Open your 3×3 crafting grid. Add three iron ingots to the crafting grid. Place two in the top two corners and one in the middle of the second row. Your iron water bucket in Minecraft will appear in the box on the right.

What makes you go up in a Water Elevator Minecraft?

A water elevator pushes you up because of the presence of Soul Sand. On the other hand, Magma Cubes help you descend.

Why is my Water Elevator Not Working Minecraft?

Make sure that no flowing water block is present in the column. Each of the water blocks should be a source block.

How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

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