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What is a Disposable Credit Card and how do you get One?

The Quiet Dangers of Credit Card Interest

Are you looking for a safe alternative to using credit cards online? Credit card fraud is the most common form of identity theft, and it’s becoming increasingly more common. In 2018, more than $24 billion was lost due to credit card fraud.

A disposable credit card can be a helpful alternative to traditional credit cards. Also known as single-use credit cards or virtual cards, these cards can be useful fraud protection tools, especially when shopping online. Keep reading to discover more about how these cards work and their potential benefits!

What is a Disposable Credit Card?

The idea behind disposable credit cards is that they are intended for single or limited uses. This way, you can make a purchase online using a disposable card number, and the company will not have access to your real credit card number.

These cards are usually linked to your normal credit card account or bank account, but the companies or people you buy from will not have access to this information. This helps prevent identity theft.

Many people use these cards for free trials or subscription services because you can set a limit and an expiration date on them. This guarantees that the company will not be able to charge you unexpectedly because the charge will not go through.

Benefits of Disposable Credit Cards

The most obvious benefit of using a disposable credit card is privacy and fraud protection. Using these cards can protect your financial information from identity theft and data breaches.

Disposable credit cards are also ideal for business purposes. This way, employers can set a limit and give their employees disposable cards to make business-related purchases. This ensures that expenses will not exceed planned budgets.

Businesses can also assign certain card numbers to certain employees or expense categories. This allows them to more easily track funds and understand where their money is going.

Another perk of using disposable cards is that they are easy to create and easy to use. Although they cannot be used in physical stores, they can be used for any online purchases, and you can easily get one online.

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In addition, disposable cards are virtual, so they cannot be lost or dropped. Using more disposable cards is also better for the planet, as it cuts down on unnecessary plastic use.

How do I get One?

Obtaining a disposable credit card is quite easy, and it can be done online in just a few simple steps. For example, Bento has a spending limit and fixed value virtual cards to choose from.

These cards have many customizable settings, and there are a variety of sub-categories to choose from when deciding on a card. These include cards for travel and entertainment and corporate cards. Click here to find out more about Bento disposable cards.

Is a Disposable Credit Card Right for you?

Now that you know some of the benefits of a disposable credit card and how it works, are you ready to get started?

What is a Disposable Credit Card and how do you get One?

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