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The Benefits of a Custom Cannabis Grinder

The Benefits of a Custom Cannabis Grinder

The cannabis business is on track to hit $100 billion by 2030. If you’re in the cannabis industry you must learn to compete. Promotional products are a great way to improve your company’s brand awareness, whether you run a cannabis dispensary, a grow operation, or any other cannabis company.

To get a headstart, we can help you get to know your new secret weapon the custom grinder. This is both a product and promotional tool, and it can take you to the next level. We’re happy to explain why with the tips below.

A Grinder is Part of the Ritual

Consuming cannabis is a ritualistic experience. You can’t smoke unless the vibe is right, and you have to be somewhere comfortable and around good people.

You probably also have a preferred method for smoking, along with some go-to equipment. As a cannabis business, you’ll build loads of brand equity if you can make your customer grinders part of someone’s smoking ritual.

This creates emotional value for your customers. They will also psychologically associate your brand with positive feelings, which gives you goodwill that money can’t buy.

Weed Grinders Help Conserve Cannabis

You’re providing something useful to customers when you give or sell your custom grinders. Grinders are helpful because they help people conserve cannabis.

They break down bud impeccably so that you’re not burning and wasting entire chunks. Cannabis lovers appreciate the money savings, along with the ability to make their favorite strains last a lot longer.

Custom Swag Creates Impressions

Remember the 7 impression rule when you’re marketing your cannabis brand. A grinder blows this rule out of the water since your customer will engage with your brand each smoke session.

Consider a person who smokes cannabis several times per week and uses your grinder to break down buds each time. Imagine how many impressions this creates if your grinder has your logo and contact info.

Getting this much ROI from your grinder makes it an easy decision.

It’s Great as a Freebie or Upsell

You can use your grinder however you’d like to get your branding out there. This includes giving them away for free or selling them in your shop.

When you give the grinders away, you increase the spread of your brand. You’ll have to invest more, so make sure that you’re giving them away with some strategy. Customers appreciate getting anything free, so this gesture of goodwill can make them give you repeat business.

Many cannabis businesses decide to use them as an upsell item. Think of it in the same way you see candy bars, soda, and magazines at the checkout line in the grocery store. Having low-priced items by the register can have huge benefits on your profit margins.

The psychological effect is that they’re already in a state of mind to buy, making the customer more likely to add one last item to their tab if it’s affordable and useful. Grinders are both, so keep them by the cash register to use this principle to your advantage.

They Come in Many Unique Colors

Grinders are great promo items also because they’re beautiful and versatile. You can have them made in any color, so there’s something for every customer. People might even decide to collect them all when you have different color options. Color is key in marketing. Customers have different psychological responses to the colors they’re presented with. For instance:

  • White conveys feelings of peace or cleanliness
  • Blue is a color that conveys calmness and productivity
  • Yellow makes the customer experience joy, generates energy, and commands attention
  • Orange draws attention and creates feelings of happiness
  • Purple conveys luxury or exclusivity

You can use different colors in creative ways that can help you reach your marketing goals.


You Don’t Have to Pay Much

One of the main benefits of custom grinders is that it doesn’t cost much to produce them. In essence, they’re neatly-crafted discs of plastic. The materials are inexpensive and grinders are lightweight, so you can buy as many as you need and customize them however you’d like. Look into buying custom grinders wholesale so that you keep your overhead costs as low as possible.

Grinders Have Universal Appeal

A grinder is a useful promotional tool because it has so much universal appeal. People in the cannabis lifestyle have different sensibilities and reasons for their preferences.

Someone more corporate and professional might prefer edibles to smoke, because of their image and the fact that they’re used to having to always be “on”. People who smoke in group settings love blunts, while solo smokers likely have a favorite glass bowl piece.

Grinders cut through all of these differences in preferences. Everyone uses them, so you don’t have to worry about alienating your customer.

It’s a Way to Flex your Creativity

Finally, custom grinders are flat-out fun. Investing in these grinders offers you a way to flex your creativity. You can include any color scheme and design that you can imagine, and might even choose to slap a QR code onto the grinder.

Get some graphic design help and explain to them the effect that you’re going for. You’ll love the results.

Create a Custom Grinder

As you can see, a custom grinder brings several benefits. They’re excellent tools regardless of what kind of brand you’re building. Touch base with some pros that can help you churn out plenty of custom grinders.

The Benefits of a Custom Cannabis Grinder

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