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How to Vape: Your Guide to Starting Vaping

How to Vape Your Guide to Starting Vaping

Are you a smoker looking for a healthier alternative? Then try vaping! Vaping is up to 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes!

But it might seem like a lot to learn about using a vape (e-cigarette), and you might not know where to begin. This article is here to explain how to start vaping! It covers what a vape is, how to vape, and choosing the best e-liquid for you. Let’s get into it!

What is Vaping?

Vapes are portable electronic devices used to inhale the vapor, simulating smoking without tobacco. This vapor often has concentrated nicotine or other flavorings.

These devices are great for people who are trying to stop smoking. They help manage nicotine cravings and give a satisfying “throat hit” sensation.

There are many different models, such as pens, box mods, and pod vapes. E-cigarettes are battery-powered. Some box mods also have features to control wattage and temperature. For beginners, it is best to stick with USB rechargeable batteries.

These usually work for both nicotine and cannabis products. There are also starter kits and disposable options available.

Check your local regulations before you try to buy an e-cigarette. Most places need that you are at least 18 years old and have a valid ID before you can buy one.

How to Vape?

There are two main techniques for beginner vapers, mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL). You might even be able to learn tricks with the vapor when you are more experienced!

For MTL, inhale the vapor into your mouth, where you hold it for a few seconds. Then open your mouth and breathe as you usually do to take the vapor into your lungs. Exhale slowly to enjoy the sensation. This style is best suited to smaller vapes like pens.

For DTL you inhale the vapor into your lungs without holding it in your mouth. You then exhale the vapor almost immediately. This style is better for larger e-cigarettes like mod boxes.

What Are the Different Types of Vapes That Exist Today

Choosing the Best E-Liquid

One of the best parts of using an e-cig is that there are so many flavors and strengths of e-liquid to suit all smokers. Beginners can buy e-juice as pods, cartridges, or cartomizers. These are available as either prefilled (single-use) or as refills (multi-use).

Vegetable glycerine (VG) and Propylene glycol (PG) are two of the main types of vape liquid on the market. VG offers a more realistic smoking experience with the “throat hit” mentioned earlier. PG is better for those seeking stronger flavors.

You could also use nicotine shots (like these ones available at tmbnotes.co). These are concentrated nicotine to add to your vape to please your craving. Check your device before adding extra nicotine, as not all models are suitable for this.

Light cigarette smokers will only need between 3 to 6mg of nicotine. Medium smokers may need around 12mg. Finally, heavy smokers can use up to 20mg of nicotine.

If you are a new vaper then consider using a vape liquid with a tobacco flavor or similar. This makes the transition more smooth and will be more satisfying for cravings.

Vape Away!

Vaping is the modern solution that is better for you than smoking cigarettes. Knowing how to vape is important to make the most of your new e-cigarette. With thousands of flavors of vape liquid available, it’s an awesome experience for all!

How to Vape: Your Guide to Starting Vaping

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