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What is the Average Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident?

What Is the Average Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle riders know that few things feel as good as the wind in your hair while riding, but a sweet ride can end tragically very easily. The National Highway Transportation Security Administration says that motorcycle accidents continue to be more common, and more fatal, than other vehicle accidents.

After an incident like that, you might wonder what the average settlement motorcycle accident victims receive is. This can be a complicated question, but we have some good answers. Read on to learn more!

Where the Accident Happened Matters

While it’s possible to come up with a national average settlement amount for a motorcycle accident claim, it’s not really that useful. The more important number is the average in the state where the accident happened.

The average in the state matters because that sets the standard for judgments. Whether your personal injury settlement concludes with a trial or not, the average where the accident happened will have a lot of weight on what you should expect from your settlement.

Of course, where the accident happened isn’t the only factor. The accident itself plays a role as well.

The Circumstances Matter

Personal injury settlements can vary a lot, even when the type of incident is similar. One motorcycle accident could bring a settlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars, while another brings $10,000 or less, even in the same state.

The specific circumstances of the accident can play a big role in the settlement amount. If the other party in the accident was driving drunk, or the court finds that their actions were extremely negligent, the settlement amount may be much higher. If the court decides that you were at fault in an accident, your settlement might be lower.

Another factor is how much damage there was, and how severe the injuries are. If you came through the accident with minor injuries, the settlement may be for a lower amount. Severe injuries, or extensive property damage, can mean a higher settlement amount.

You can find a great resource here to learn more about what factors affect settlements.

The Average Settlement Motorcycle Accident Received is Hard to Calculate

Because so many factors play a role in a motorcycle accident settlement, finding an average is hard. The average in your state can help give an idea of what to expect, but because no two motorcycle crash cases are the same, your outcome could be very different.

bike and car accident

Because each case is different, an average may not give you the right starting point. Instead, you should speak with a lawyer.

Know what to Expect from a Motorcycle Accident Settlement

The average settlement motorcycle accident cases payout is hard to calculate. This is because so many factors play a role in determining a settlement amount, including where the accident happened. The best option is to contact a lawyer in your state and ask for a consultation, to find out what they think the most likely settlement amount will be.

What is the Average Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident?

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