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What are Some of the Most Common Cannabis Products?

Recreational marijuana use is legal in 18 states and Washington D.C. as of this moment. If your state is among these, you may have considered using this drug. If so, you’ll probably struggle to pick one or more cannabis products as you won’t know the differences between them.

If you’re interested in making your decision easier, read on. Below, learn more about different weed products.

Edible Cannabis Products

Those who don’t wish to or can’t smoke marijuana may consider consuming marijuana. Most dispensaries will have a wide variety of foods and drinks that contain traces of the drug. These include gummies, chocolates, baked goods, and more.

However, the effect that edibles have on the body can be much more intense than other marijuana products. For this reason, it’s best to eat or drink a small quantity of it first and wait for half an hour. If the effects don’t feel very strong, you can safely consume more.

Cannabis Flowers

Not much processing goes into making a flower or ‘bud’ of cannabis. Besides drying and curing, it’s something you’d pick right off a marijuana plant. You can then place the flower in a pipe or other smoking product, burn it, and then inhale it through your lungs.

When you go to purchase buds, it’s likely that you’ll come across many varieties like sativas or indicas. These are different breeds or strains of marijuana plants. The specific effects one of these has can differ from the other.

If you want to purchase buds, consider researching the effects of different strains first. This way, you can easily choose a product once you reach a dispensary.

Cannabis or CBD Oil

What is CBD or cannabis oil? This question is best answered by describing this product’s effects. Unlike other marijuana products on this list, this product does not give its users a ‘high’.


This doesn’t, however, mean that it has no effect at all. What CBD oil does for its users is more subtle. It reduces the effects of many physical and mental health conditions.

For example, studies have found that it can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. It has also had an effect on conditions such as epilepsy. In fact, it works so well that a specific CBD oil product was created to treat this disease.

You don’t have to use CBD oil as you would medical marijuana, though. You can purchase it from dispensaries in the form of e-liquid, capsules, and more. Then, you’re free to use it for whatever purpose you wish.

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As a final tip, remember that you don’t have to venture into the world of marijuana alone. There are plenty of groups on social media or forum sites dedicated to cannabis products. If you have any questions, consider visiting these sites and talking to the users there.

What are Some of the Most Common Cannabis Products?

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