Facing a DUI Conviction: 5 Things you Need to Know

Facing a DUI Conviction 5 Things You Need to Know

DUI convictions are not something anyone wants to deal with. The moment you get your citation you may feel scared, guilty, anxious or a whole host of other emotions at once.

You can never be guaranteed to avoid a DUI conviction, but there are a few things you can do and a few things you should know that will make the whole process easier to understand and less stressful.

You have Ten Days to Retain Your Driving Privileges

The first thing that you need to know when you’re facing a DUI conviction in Orlando is that you have ten days to retain your driving privileges.

Your license will likely be suspended once you’re arrested and charged with a DUI. That being said, your traffic citation will act as a temporary driving permit for ten days after your arrest.

During these ten days, your DUI defense attorneys will work hard to make sure that you keep your driving privileges beyond this ten-day deadline.

Get Some Help

Facing a DUI conviction alone can be tough. If you don’t know all the appropriate laws and procedures, then it’s likely that you’ll need to get a specialized attorney who can help you.

A DUI conviction can have some pretty serious consequences, so make sure that you’ve got a team that can help guide you through your case and ensure the best outcome for you.

Get Organized

Don’t throw away any documents that you get through regarding your potential DUI conviction. Keep hold of your original citation as well as any subsequent correspondence you receive.

One of the best DUI conviction tips anyone can give you is to be organized and collate everything from the night of your citation. Get your social media posts, texts, and emails from the night in question all printed out and organized so your attorneys can have a good look through it all.

Keep Your Privacy

Your defense team should have access to your social media content so they can piece together what happened, but you should do your best to lock it down and seal it off to anyone else.

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Anything you post to a social media account associated with you can be used by the prosecution to support their case, and it could seriously harm your attempt to fight a DUI conviction.

Don’t Fixate on Your Potential DUI Conviction

It might be easier said than done, but one of the best pieces of DUI conviction advice is to not let the situation take control of your life. It can be easy to fixate on what happened and the potential outcomes, but you need to make sure to stay in a good headspace.

Help is Always on Hand

A DUI conviction is a scary thought, but you can do some things to make the whole situation easier and try to ensure the best outcome for yourself. People make mistakes, and you can use this as a learning opportunity.

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Facing a DUI Conviction: 5 Things you Need to Know
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