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How to Handle Gun Recoil Like a Pro

Guns have a great kick to them. Powerful and accurate, guns have an “aftershock” we call recoil. And by chance you don’t grip your gun well, you’d end up with a misfire and a gun recoil injury.

In essence, it’s a factor where split seconds and fractions of a second can have a major effect. If you’ve practiced a bit and used the right approach, handling recoil should be easy.

So here are a few pro tips on how to handle gun recoil and aim flawlessly!

Get a Grip on the Gun

One of the most difficult things to master when learning to shoot is controlling gun recoil. The first step is to ensure you have a firm grip on the gun.

Place your strong hand high on the backstrap of the gun and your support hand under the trigger guard, with your fingers wrapped around the grip. When you are ready to shoot, take a deep breath and slowly exhale as you squeeze the trigger.

With the recoil of a gun, resist the urge to flinch and keep your sights on the target.

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Use Your Dominant Hand

One of the most important things to do when handling gun recoil is to use a two-handed grip. This will help you with recoil control and keep it steady. If you are not comfortable using a two-handed grip, you can try using a single-handed grip with your dominant hand.

Practice shooting with different types so that you can get used to the different recoil of your guns.

Use Your Body to Absorb the Recoil

One of the most important things to do when handling gun recoil is to use your body to absorb the recoil. This can be done by keeping your elbows close to your body and using your shoulder and upper body to help control the gun.

Instead, focus on maintaining a strong grip on the gun and keeping your arms relaxed. Use the muscles in your arms and shoulders to absorb the recoil, and then quickly return the gun to its original position.

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Use a Firm Stance

When firing a gun, always use a firm stance to avoid gun recoil injury. This will help you absorb the recoil of the gun and keep control. Practice your stance and be comfortable with it before heading to the range.

Once you are there, take your time and focus on each shot. Remember to breathe and squeeze the trigger slowly.

Ask a Professional How to Handle Gun Recoil

If you’re new to shooting, or simply want to get some professional tips on how to handle guns, ask a professional.

Many gun ranges offer group and private lessons with experienced instructors who can help you learn how to properly grip and hold a gun, how to aim and shoot accurately, and how to deal with gun recoil.

Aim for Perfection

If you want to learn how to handle gun recoil like a pro, make sure to practice. Get a feel for your gun and how it recoils.

Then, when you are shooting, use proper form and grip the gun tightly. This will help your recoil control and keep your shots on target.

How to Handle Gun Recoil Like a Pro

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