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7 Unique Ways to Use Stencils

With a few stencils and some creative time spent thinking outside the box, adding personal touches to your living space is a snap. For more than 1,500 years, stencils have been one of the cheapest – and easiest – ways to turn the plain into the spectacular.

Whether it’s stenciled patterns on floors or walls or stencils on one-of-a-kind statement pieces, a little favorite paint, a stencil, and your ingenuity let you make a statement that’s all your own! To get you started, we’ve put together a list of seven unique, simple-to-do stencil ideas to get you started!

Transform Your Staircase

There’s a space in your house that gets more traffic than anywhere else – and is university ignored. That’s the vertical parts of your stairs – the risers.

Whether yours are white or some other color, they’re a blank canvas waiting for you to express your creativity. With decorative stencils, transform your staircase into a masterpiece. The contrast between hand-stenciled risers and the warm wood of the stairs themselves creates an eye-catching masterpiece!

Best of all, this stencil project takes just a couple of hours, but the visual impact lasts for years and years.

Napkin Art

Are you looking for a way to add a touch of elegance to your next dinner party or lunch with friends? Textiles and stencils go hand in hand, and solid color – or white – napkins – are easy to find. The stenciling couldn’t be simpler, but the impact on your table is bound to impress.

Let your imagination run wild, or stick with antique floral design stencils for an elegant country garden look. Try these Spanish stencils if a Cinco de Mayo fiesta is in the cards!

Backsplash Art

If your kitchen needs some love, turn the backsplash behind the sink into an expression of your unique personality and vitality with art stencils. And a stenciled backsplash takes a few hours compared to all of the expense, clean up, and time ceramic tiles take.

Your stencil choices are unlimited, but a geometric design of squares on end works well with almost any contemporary design. Even in the smallest of kitchens, a stenciled backsplash will add warmth, color, and depth. Bringing your kitchen to life doesn’t mean a total renovation if you use decorative stencils!

The Great Outdoors

Add curb appeal by spicing up your front porch or walkway with a stenciled flowerpot or two. Start with pastel-colored jardinieres – the kind you see at any nursery – and make them your own.

For example, stencil “Welcome” or “Hello” in white on an aquamarine flower pot and plant your favorite flowers in it. Eye-catching, simple, and budget-friendly! And a great way to make your guests feel right at home.

And if you need an idea for a great housewarming present, stenciling a flower pot in the recipient’s favorite colors is a great way to go! Plant a flower or two, and you’ve got the ultimate in a personalized gift for your favorite new homeowners.

Bath Time

If it’s past time to add a little pizzaz to your bathroom, here’s an idea to quickly transform the decor. Turning the master bath into your personal garden of Eden only takes combining a lattice design with flowers and your favorite colors.

This is a perfect solution for that empty white wall begging for some attention. Start with a repeating lattice fence stencil design over the entire wall.

Once that’s all set, use flower stencils – your choice – to give the appearance of flowers intertwined in the lattice. You might be so happy with the result that you’ll want to continue it as a band around the rest of the room.

The result is guaranteed to be stunning. So add candles and a glass of wine, grab a good book, and relax the day’s stress away in your private paradise!

In the Bin

You’ve seen galvanized bins and pails at the hardware or feed store. They are plain, simple, and the ultimate in utilitarian design. Now think about how you could use one for storage, organizing, or just as a decorating element – if it wasn’t boring.

Gloves and mittens on the shelf in the front hall? Magazines in the living room? You get the idea. Using stencils and color, add a word or two – may be a label – for instant storage.

This time, don’t use a roller to paint the stencil. Instead, use a small brush. You don’t have to worry about not being a maestro with a brush. You want the brush strokes to show.


That hand-painted quality – and your choice of color – are what makes it stand out. Suddenly you don’t have a boring, off-the-shelf galvanized bin; you have a piece of art!

Curtain Call

Let’s face it. High-end, custom drapes for your living or dining room are an expensive decorative touch in any home. But, on the other hand, plain white cotton curtains are available from numerous outlets. Better yet, they are very affordable. And they give you a blank canvas you can work on, letting your imagination run free.

Put your artistic flair to work with stencils and color and transform a room. In just a few hours, you’ll have your own custom drapes. So whether you opt for dramatic geometric designs or a classic floral country look, you can add a sophisticated touch of elegance.

Stencils: A Decorator’s Best Friend

Turning your staircase into art or brightening up your table – it’s all possible with art stencils. Let your imagination loose and open up a world of design possibilities. Stencil art is not only affordable, but it’s also easy and fun. When you step back and look at the results, the satisfaction you’ll feel is an added bonus.

The seven ideas we’ve outlined here are just the starting point. By mixing your own creativity with paint and stencils, you’ll find unlimited ways to add drama, color, and interest to every part of your home. From walls to floors, flower pots to curtains, the options are limitless!

7 Unique Ways to Use Stencils

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