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7 Ways to Include Chinese Art in Your Home

Include Chinese Art

Did you know that China has the longest continuous history of any country in the world? In fact, it has over 3,500 years of written history.

Asia led the world with remarkable innovations including porcelain, paper, gunpowder, silk, tea, and the compass. Many experts contend that no culture has ever surpassed China’s great creative periods. It’s this same long history that has given rise to the value of cultural art like Chinese antiques and porcelain.

If you are interested in adding cultural art to your home, it’s important to understand the context and history of items before making a purchase. Keep reading to learn more about the types of art to consider and seven ways to include Chinese art in your home.

Decorative Ceramics

When curating a collection of ceramics, new collectors should do their research and understand different reign marks, palettes, and glazes. Ceramics like Chinese porcelain are ancient, which means that value is often tied to age.

Understanding how to read Chinese porcelain dates can help you determine the age of a piece and if a reign mark is authentic.

Jade Objects

First minded in 6000 BCE, jade was considered an imperial gem. Even today, it is used in artifacts for its deep symbolism for earth and heaven.

It’s possible to find decorative and practical jade objects like vases, cups, and ornaments.

Bronze Vessels

The rise of the Bronze Age in China marked a new period of art history. Bronze vessels were the most prevalent item made. The development of ‘sculpting’ metal allowed artisans to inscribe bronze objects with detailed and delicate designs.

Porcelain Crockery

If you appreciate art that is practical, porcelain is both tough and durable. Collecting items like tea sets, bowls, and plates allows you to incorporate Chinese art into your daily life.

Classical Poetry

Poetry continues to be a staple of Chinese culture. Defined by concision and rhyme, featuring classical poetry (written before 1919) is a creative way to showcase Chinese art.

Graphic Art

Calligraphy is a distinct genre of graphic art. Created with a brush and ink, calligraphy literally translates to ‘beautiful writing’.

7 Ways to Include Chinese Art in Your Home

In addition to being a decorative art, calligraphy was considered the supreme visual art form—and had more value than sculpture and painting.

Landscape Painting

During the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), painting arrived on the scene. While calligraphers focused on characters, painters concentrated on the world around them.

Landscape painting continues to be popular because, in addition to showcasing natural beauty, this art also captures philosophical, social, or political convictions.

Including Chinese Art in Your Home

From ceramics and sculpture to calligraphy and painting, there are a number of unique ways to incorporate Chinese art into your home. Start by learning the history and asking plenty of questions.

Also, do not necessarily focus on buying for investment. Instead, like with any art form, focus on buying what moves and inspires you.

7 Ways to Include Chinese Art in Your Home

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