6 Tips for Watching a Live Basketball Game

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Within the past year, NBA viewership rose 19% for the regular season. This is based on people watching NBA games from their homes. With an incline in at-home viewing, there’s no doubt that more and more people are wanting to attend a live basketball game as well.

Although watch parties and gatherings are always lots of fun, there’s nothing as exciting as getting to watch the game live in person. As you sit in the arena, you can feel the excitement grow. All attendees are anxiously waiting for the game to start and the crowds begin to roar as the teams enter the court.

Are you ready for your first experience but aren’t sure what to bring to a basketball game or how to prepare for one? In the guide below, you’ll find several helpful tips for watching live basketball. Continue reading to find out more!

Purchase Your Tickets Online

You’re excited to watch your first basketball game live and can’t wait to arrive at the arena. However, don’t wait until the day of or moments before the game to buy your tickets. The best course of action to take is to purchase your tickets online.

Getting basketball tickets online is ideal because it saves you time and money. You can often find discounts on tickets when purchasing from various ticket apps or platforms. If you wait until game day to purchase tickets from the box office, you’ll pay more money and end up waiting in a long line.

When purchasing any major NBA tickets, such as nets tickets, always be sure to use a reputable ticket site that verifies all purchases.

Consider those High Corner Seats

As you begin to browse through the different available seats, you’ll soon find that certain sets cost much more than others. The cost of NBA seats doesn’t always depend on the level they’re at either. Another factor that determines the cost of the seat is the location of the seat in relation to the court.

For example, seats that are aligned with the half-court line are often more. Attendees will pay more for seats that offer the best view of the game. With that being said, don’t pass up on the chance to grab some good high corner seats.

These seats are often some of the cheapest ones available but offer a diagonal view of the court. These seats allow you to watch the game without one of the baskets blocking the view of the court. You also have a good chance of finding great deals or discounts on these seats as well.

Arrive at the Game Early

We know what you’re thinking. You want to arrive a little late to avoid all major traffic. However, even arriving a little late can cause you to miss a lot.

Instead, plan to arrive early. This is one of the top live basketball game tips for having the best experience possible. When you leave early enough, you can easily find a parking spot, walk to the arena, use the restroom, and purchase food and beverages before the game starts.

You won’t have to sit in silence either. Once you find your seats, you can then enjoy a few NBA warm-up routines before the game starts.

Show Your Team Spirit

This is your first experience watching a live basketball game, so why not go big or go home? There’s no better time than now to show your team spirit. During the weeks or days leading up to the big game, be sure to purchase a team jersey or find an outfit that showcases your team’s colors.

You can also create a “Go-Team” sign or something similar. Bringing signs like these to a basketball game is a loved tradition. You need to be sure your sign is appropriate and family-friendly, however, as NBA games are a family event.

It’s also important to keep proper basketball game etiquette in mind and know when the best time to show your sign is. You want to wait for time-outs, halftime, or quarter breaks to do this. Don’t go waving your sign when the ball is in play as you could block someone’s view.

Go with Great Company

Watching the basketball game, in general, is a wonderful experience, but who you choose to bring along with you can make all the difference. When planning to attend a live basketball game, do be sure to go with great company. Bring someone along with you who enjoys watching live games.

Consider bringing someone who has experience attending live basketball games or choose to go with someone who’s also never been to a live game before. The two of you can then share these memories and this experience with one another for a lifetime.

Stick Around for the Half-Time Show

Lots of people wait until the half-time show to get up and get more food and drinks or use the restroom. However, this time will be very busy. You can expect to wait in long lines no matter what you’re trying to do.

To avoid these lines, quickly visit concessions and the restrooms right before the half-time break. You can get back much faster and have time to watch the halftime show. Many NBA games have amazing half-time shows filled with people of various talents.

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You never know what type of act or show you’ll see during this time, and it’s an essential part of the overall experience, so don’t skip it completely.

Your First Live Basketball Game will be a Great One

You’re planning your visit live basketball game and can’t wait for all the excitement! Make sure to keep these helpful tips in mind to ensure the best experience possible. Plan in advance and make an entire day of it.

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6 Tips for Watching a Live Basketball Game
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