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How Organic Homemade Soap Bars Beat Store-Bought Brands

How Organic Homemade Soap Bars Beat Store-Bought Brands

Organic soap’s popularity is expected to rise a staggering 35% in the U.S, which shows how much we love the natural variety.

Homemade soap lets you choose from a unique range of scents and reduces the risk of skin irritation. But there are other reasons why natural soap trumps store-bought versions that you may be unfamiliar with. Perhaps that’s why you’re here; you want to learn more about the magic of natural soap.

Hit the nail on the head? Luckily; you’ve come to the right place. Here is why organic homemade soap bars beat store-bought versions.

Made with Natural Ingredients

As the name suggests, all-natural soap bars are made from organic ingredients.

You’ll never find words you can’t pronounce on the label, as it’s all from fruits or plants you’re familiar with. This is because store-bought soaps pump their products with synthetic ingredients. After all, it’s cheaper to produce. But these substances can be harmful to our skin and respiratory systems.

If you’re eager to buy natural bars, take the time and research to find a reputable soap company like Grampy’s Soaps that offers quality products.

Provides Rich Leather Naturally

The beauty of homemade soap bars is that they provide a rich lather. Synthetic soaps produce light, foamy suds as it contains chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate which quickly dries your skin.

But natural soaps produce a thicker, creamy lather as it’s often made from coconut or castor oil. As a result, your skin retains its moisture while staying clean.

More Economical

Another benefit of homemade soap is that it’s economical. Many often cost slightly more than store-bought, but these last twice as long. Also, because synthetic products dry out your skin, it encourages you to buy lotion so it ends up being more expensive.

Moisturizing Ingredients

Anyone who suffers from dry skin should reach out for natural soap. This is because each bar contains glycerin, which naturally moisturizes the skin. Plus, this magical property restores your skin’s normal pH level, perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Natural Soaps are Unique

If you’re tired of the same cookie-cutter products, try organic soap. These are made in small batches by people who are passionate about natural products. It’s also a labor of love, which means soap-makers will push boundaries with their soap and give customers a unique product.


Better for the Environment

We want to buy from brands that are mindful of the planet when producing their products.

Unlike commercial soap, natural soap has a less negative impact on the environment. This is because store-bought varieties are pumped with chemicals that end up in our water systems. As a result, fish and other forms of wildlife can be negatively affected.

Why Organic Homemade Soap Bars Beat Store-Bought

Hopefully, you’re now sold on organic homemade soap bars.

There are many reasons why natural soap is better, such as its unique nature and how it’s packed with organic ingredients. Homemade soap is also more economical and offers a rich lather. What’s not to love?

How Organic Homemade Soap Bars Beat Store-Bought Brands

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