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Ready for Boating Season: A List of Boat Must-Haves

Ready for Boating Season A List of Boat Must-Haves

With the popularity of boating booming during the pandemic, there are loads of people who are getting into boating for the first time.

If you’re one of these people, you might not know exactly what you need when getting started. Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy! You’ve just got to get your bases covered.

Keep reading to learn about some of the boat must-haves you need to get right now!

Boat Trailer

There’s no point in having a boat if you cannot get it in or out of the water. A trailer is the easiest way to get your boat around. It’s also where your boat will stay whenever it’s not in the water.

It’s essential to keep your boat trailer in good condition. If it’s damaged, it means you can’t transport your boat, and you risk damaging the boat too.

If this is the situation you’re in, click for boat trailer repair.

Basic Fishing Equipment

Some boat owners’ must-haves include the basic fishing equipment you will need. This includes things like fishing rods, fishing line, bait, and tackle.

You will also need your boat registration documentation in a waterproof and easily accessible spot on your boat.

Safety Equipment

The US Coast Guard has a list of safety items required for every boat to operate. Make sure you’ve gone over this list and comply with these regulations.

Some items on this list include first aid kits, life jackets, a fire extinguisher, and a flare or visual finder. While you hope you won’t need these, they are vital in case of emergencies and should always be on board.

Fish Finder

If your goal is catching fish, it’s heartbreaking when they always get away from you. This one might be the most useful of all the must-have boat gadgets.

Fish finders are devices you place into the water. They use radar technology to identify where the fish are in the water. Some even include cameras to see what type of fish they are.

Two-Way Radio

A small two-way radio is another on the list of must-have boating accessories. Communication is essential when you’re on the water. You need to be able to reach other boaters and the people on land.


Of the list of must-have boat accessories, this is another one you should keep around in case of emergencies.

Make sure you have some backup batteries too.

Trash Can

You’d be surprised how much trash you create when you’re out on the water. Many boats come with built-in trash cans, but if yours doesn’t have one, get one.

A popular option is a suction cup trash bag which you can attach to the inside of your boat. This keeps your boat neat and makes it easy to remove trash once you’re back on land.

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Better Boating with Boat Must-Haves

Improve your boating experience with these boat must-haves. They’ll make sure your experience on the water is always a success.

Ready for Boating Season: A List of Boat Must-Haves

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