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5 Signs you Need New Windows for Your Home

5 Signs You Need New Windows For Your Home

The windows in your house can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Much will depend upon the materials used and the quality of the original installation job.

However, most home windows will let you know when it’s time to replace them. And switching them out can save you a great deal of money over time.

Here’s how you know you need new windows for home efficiency.

High Energy Bills

When your windows are old, they won’t be able to do an efficient job keeping the heat in during the colder months or keeping that air conditioning from escaping during the summer.

This means that your HVAC system is going to be working overtime to keep you comfortable. This could result in your losing a lot of money in energy bills each year.

You can save anywhere from $27 to $197 per window per year when replacing double-paned windows. Do your home a favor and get some fresh new windows to keep it running efficiently.

Difficult to Use

Windows that need replacing are often difficult to open or close. This could be the result of years of built-up dust, dirt, or debris.

If your window frames are wood, it’s possible that the waterproof seal protecting the frames from moisture has begun to evaporate. This means that the paint is going to crack and water has begun to penetrate the wood.

It’s also possible that there are obstructions in the path of your window’s tracks. Or there could be damage to the window or frame, in which case the only solution is a home window replacement.

Can’t Clean them

Most windows require a simple spray and wipe down on a weekly basis, and a heavier cleaning twice a year. However, you may notice that your windows appear dirty even after you wash them, and you can’t seem to get them to stay clean.

This usually means that the seal in your window is damaged and air and moisture are getting in between the panes of glass. Your windows have lost efficiency, and it’s time to replace them.

You Feel a Draft

You may notice that when you walk past your windows in the colder months there is a sudden chill. Or you may even see your indoor blinds blowing a bit when there’s a strong breeze.

If this is the case, your windows are not doing their job of protecting your home from the weather. Small holes and cracks in the glass panes are allowing the cold air to leak through. You’ve got to call a window replacement company to help protect the rest of your home from damage.

You Hear Outdoor Noise from Inside Your Home

Maybe you’re sitting in your living room and hear the neighbor’s dog barking as though he was in your house. Or maybe you’re laying in bed and realize you can hear every word of the conversation happening on the sidewalk.

This is a sign that your windows aren’t doing their job. The right panes, while not soundproof, can dampen sounds at different frequencies. New insulation can help with this too.

The sounds of traffic, animals, or passing planes can keep you up at night, disrupting your sleep. Or they can keep your family from enjoying a peaceful meal together. The right home windows can help you to get back to the quiet, private life you deserve.

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Benefits of New Windows

One of the main benefits of investing in new windows is the money they will save you on energy costs. Once a few years have passed, they will have paid for themselves through savings on your utility bills.

Beyond that, replacement windows can actually increase your home’s value. You could get a return on investment (ROI) of up to 85%. Prospective buyers will take a look at your home and know that they will be enjoying years of energy efficiency and comfort with the new windows you’ve installed.

You’ll also be adding to your home’s curb appeal with new windows. From the street, older windows look dingy and tired. New windows will add a look of class and freshness to your home.

Your new windows will also provide your home with increased safety and security. Windows that are difficult to operate can be a hazard as folks may not be able to get them open in the event of a fire. They may also be easier to lock, which means you’ll have better peace of mind when it comes to break-ins.

Believe it or not, new windows can also provide your home with an extra shield against dust and allergens. This is especially problematic in times like the spring when pollen is more likely to blow into your home and make those with allergies and asthma sick. Fresh windows can help keep these tiny particles out of your house.

Yet you’ll also want to be thinking about your health in the winter when too much cold air can make those in your home chilly. This can lead to a decrease in immunity and increase the likelihood that members of your family will catch colds and cases of flu.

In general, new windows make your home safer, more comfortable, and better looking.

New Windows for Home Improvement

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to make your home more productive, you’ve got to check out new windows for home efficiency. They will make your house more affordable to run and more fun to hang out in.

5 Signs you Need New Windows for Your Home

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