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Black or White Windows: Which Should you choose?

Black or White Windows Which Should You Choose

Adding replacement windows to your home is one of the renovations that can make the biggest impact on your home’s value. Home window replacement is likely to offer an 85 percent return on your investment.

Because of this, you should be sure that you consider window selection carefully. One of the things to think about when installing windows is what color you want the frames to be. These days, two of the most popular options are black and white.

Here’s what you should know if you’re trying to decide between black or white windows for your home.

Why Install White Windows?

White window frames are a classic choice and are preferred by many homeowners. Here are some of the benefits of choosing white windows for a home.

Better for Older Homes

One of the top advantages of white windows over black windows is that they’re suitable for a wider variety of home designs.

Particularly when it comes to certain older homes, black windows will look a lot more out of place while white windows will fit in perfectly. The black window style is a fairly modern trend and many older homes will look much better when matched with white windows instead.

Contrasts well with Darker Colors

While a black window frame will create a sharp contrast with a home’s exterior, white windows can provide the same effect. This is particularly true if your home’s exterior is darker in color.

In this case, white windows would probably be more suitable for creating a striking contrast than black windows would. White serves as a great accent color when you have a darker home and can make your home more visually appealing overall.

More Compatible with Window Coverings

White windows also offer more flexibility when it comes to blinds, curtains, and other types of window coverings. Many different colors and looks will work great with white windows and you’ll have a lot of control over their look.

When adding curtains to a black window design, the appearance can suffer and the design may look cluttered and unattractive. Black window covering options are limited and often won’t work well with colors that aren’t black.

Better Prices

It’s also important to note that white window frames are significantly cheaper than black window frames are. Because white windows are more common, they are easier to get your hands on and won’t cost as much.

Black windows can be ordered fairly easily but won’t be as readily available as white windows will be. If you decide to get black windows instead, you could end up paying more. They could end up being at least 10% more expensive if not 25% or more.

Why Install Black Windows?

While white windows are the classic choice for a home, black window frames are on the rise. Here are some of the reasons why this is the case.

They’re more Modern

Typically, contemporary and more modern home styles and designs work very well with black windows.

Black windows are trendy and are different from what has been used commonly in the past. This makes installing them a great way to make a modern home design look even better than it already does. It will help ensure that your home stands out and truly feels like it’s up-to-date and current.

black window in bathroom

Creates a Sharp Contrast

Black windows are a particularly great choice if you want to contrast your windows with the other colors of your home’s exterior.

Particularly if your home’s exterior is a lighter color, this can create a major contrast that can really make your home stand out and feel like it’s different from other homes on your block. This contrasted look can be pretty impressive and will be noticed by anyone who comes to your home.

Highlights Other Details

Another major benefit of black window frames is that they help to draw the eye in while encouraging them to focus on other important features of the home. From the exterior, black windows will catch the eye and will encourage it to focus on other details such as a porch or another home feature.

Black windows will also pull your look outward as well and can allow the views outside of your house to feel more unobstructed. It can feel as if there is no border at all when looking out your window and this can really highlight the views you have.

No Curtains are Needed

Black windows are a great option for a home without any curtains or shades. They can shit your focus and highlight the views outside your house.

Black curtains can be used along with these windows, but curtains aren’t completely necessary. Even without window coverings, the windows will look complete and will have a striking appearance.

Which Should you choose?

Deciding which window frame color to install is not an easy task. As with many things, your choice will rely on your personal preferences.

Generally speaking, however, white windows will work best for older home designs while black windows can look particularly great when used with a modern style. However, there are exceptions to every rule.

When considering window frame colors, make sure that you consider the color of your home’s exterior siding as well. Both white and black windows can create an interesting contrast and make your home look great, but your choice should be based on the rest of your home’s exterior if you want to make the biggest impact.

Many people believe that black windows will make a home more energy-efficient, but it’s important to realize that this isn’t actually the case. However, the type of window you buy will make a difference. If you’re looking for the most energy efficient windows, be sure to choose Fibrex material instead of vinyl.

You’ll also want to consider the price of the windows as well. Generally speaking, black windows will be a bit more expensive than white windows. However, both are readily available and can be good choices if you have the money to spend.

Making the Choice Between Black or White Windows

If you’re trying to choose between black or white windows for your home, be sure that you consider all of the important factors. Think carefully about your home design, your budget, and the color of your home’s exterior when making your choice.

Black or White Windows: Which Should you choose?

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