5 Factors to Consider Before Having Your Tubes Tied

5 Factors to Consider Before Having Your Tubes Tied

44% of Americans aged 18 to 49 say it’s not likely they’ll have children in the future. If you fall into this category, then you’re probably diligent about using birth control methods that’ll keep unplanned pregnancies away.

But it can be exhausting remembering to take pills daily. Even with other methods, you have to go back to your GP regularly to have your birth control replaced. Not to mention, being on hormones long-term can take its toll.

So why not have your tubes tied? This can be an excellent alternative!

But before you jump in feet first, here are 5 factors you need to consider.

It’s Very Effective

When compared to other birth control methods, tubal ligation wins for effectiveness. Fewer than 1% of women get pregnant after the procedure; it’s very rare to get pregnant after having this procedure done.

This can give you peace of mind about staying child-free, as you won’t need to take pills or even use condoms if you’re with a long-term partner. For some women, this can drastically improve their mental health.

It’s Permanent

The permanency of this medical procedure is a double-edged sword. If you’re certain you never want to have children, then a tubal ligation can provide massive relief.

Yet, if you change your mind in the future, this can create obstacles. While yes, this procedure can be reversed, it’s not always possible. Read about tubal ligation reversal here if you’re interested in hearing more.

It Won’t Affect Your Hormones

A tubal ligation won’t affect your hormones since all it does is sever the connection between your fallopian tubes and ovary. This means you won’t release eggs that can be fertilized.

After you get your tubes tied, your period will be unaffected and it won’t bring on menopause prematurely. If you had side effects on the pill or other birth control methods, you can say goodbye to them since you’re not introducing anything new into your body!

You Still Need to Use Protection in Some Cases

While you won’t have to worry about pregnancy anymore, you still need to protect yourself against STIs. If you’re not with a steady partner, make sure to use condoms to keep STIs at bay. And if you decide to enter a relationship, both of you should get tested before stopping condom use.

Ectopic Pregnancies May Occur

While tubal ligations are extremely effective, there are some cases where the procedure fails. The fallopian tubes might not close completely, which can lead to a pregnancy.

This Is How to Choose a Doctor in Your Area

In this case, it’s very likely you’ll have an ectopic pregnancy, which can lead to serious complications. If you suspect you’re pregnant, see a doctor right away for treatment.

Have Your Tubes Tied for Permanent Birth Control

After learning more about the procedure, maybe you’ve decided that getting your tubes tied is the best action to take. In that case, speak to your doctor so you can get the ball rolling. You’ll have a permanent birth control method and won’t have to worry about pregnancies anymore!

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5 Factors to Consider Before Having Your Tubes Tied
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