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Charming Rustic Farmhouse Interior Design Trends

Charming Rustic Farmhouse Interior Design Trends

While white walls and warm wood surfaces are a given in the farmhouse aesthetic, the overall style embraces a surprisingly wide range of design elements.

Alternatively, you may like the shabby chic version of farmhouse design, which has weathered paint treatments and architectural salvage details. Industrial fans may also have a farmhouse feel when combined with old metal furniture frames, exposed brick, and warehouse lighting fixtures.

In short, the sky is the limit. So, keep on reading for our full breakdown of how to achieve a rustic farmhouse interior design look for your home.

Rustic Farmhouse Interior Design 101: Open Kitchen in Framers Market-Style

Many lovely elements of farmhouse decor may be seen in this open-concept kitchen.

The heart of the house is this kitchen, which is furnished with old-fashioned stenciled signage and metal caged barn lights. In addition to being practical, the white tile backsplash looks stunning. Lovely antiquity is provided by the draperies that cover the cabinet below.

You’ll also want to give some attention to your cabinet knobs. You can learn all about farmhouse cabinet knobs here.

Lean into Vintage Furniture and Sliding Doors

Family and friends will enjoy spending time together in a spacious kitchen and living room.

The space can have a rustic feel to it thanks to the beige and white color scheme. In the kitchen, the main feature is a blackboard wall with a sliding barn-style door. Plump cushions fill the sofas and chairs in the living area.

Adding a contemporary touch to the old decor is the coffee table.

Dreamy Guest Room in a Farmhouse Style

Create a stylish guest room by bringing the outside in.

Decorate a headboard with an antique farmhouse window and shutters with character and patina, as well as potted plants in metal buckets. There’s something charming about an old-fashioned “No Vacancy” sign hanging on the wall.

If you enjoy the look of these kinds of signage throughout your house, consider using them as wall art in your kitchen.

Rustic Stands with Shelves Made of Weathered Wood

With a TV area, you can keep the farmhouse look while still making it more modern.

Over a large aged console table, a television is mounted. Decorative elements such as flowers and ceramics might be added to the room. Oversized baskets adorn the floor under the table.

Solid wall shelves with galvanized metal accents match the table’s surface finish.

Use Natural Light to Your Advantage

5 Basic Tips for Designing a Living Room

A large bay window fills the room with natural light and warmth thanks to this beautiful kitchen table’s location.

The appeal of a mismatched set of kitchen chairs can’t be overstated. Rustic in design, the table has striped runners and a distressed finish. A green branch adorns the middle of a large antique bottle centerpiece.

There’s enough space on an attractive table for a breadbox or two.

Rustic Interior Design: Exploring Rustic Decor Ideas

It’s quite OK for some folks to merely play around with the farmhouse style, whether it’s by decorating their living room with a farmhouse coffee table or by displaying enamelware on their kitchen shelves.

We hope that our guide has given you a peek at the most popular rustic farmhouse interior design trends. Next, you should check out our home improvement section for more tips on how to integrate some of those trends.

Charming Rustic Farmhouse Interior Design Trends

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