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How Did Sandy Cheeks Die

Sandy Cheeks

Death in a cartoon show always hurts more than it should. The emotional association with the character makes it immensely difficult to cope with their absence from the show. It is even difficult when the character dies unexpectedly. One such sad incident is the death of Sandy Cheeks in SpongeBob Squarepants. The story of Sandy Cheeks’ death is circulating over the internet, and the incident saddens the fans.

However, let us tell you that Sandy Cheeks did not die, and her death story is fan fiction. It is an extension of the fan-made band “The Infection” to strengthen the band’s cause.

Read further to know more about how did sandy cheeks die.

Who is Sandy Cheeks?

Sandra Jennifer Cheeks, also known as Sandy Cheeks, is one of the eight most important characters of SpongeBob SquarePants. She is a brown squirrel from Texas who lives underwater in Bikini Bottom with everyone else. She is athletic and active and enjoys her underwater life in treedome.

Sandy is a small and slim squirrel. She has a long neck, a large head, and a long poofy tail. She has beautiful, thick brown fur all over her body. Though, one of the episodes shows that her fur is fake. Who knows!

Being athletic and active, Sandy is often seen practicing karate or weightlifting. She is a bodybuilder. Yet, sometimes you may also see her taking SpongeBob on some thrilling adventures. Sandy usually wears her air-filled deep-water suit (similar to a space suit) under the sea. Other times, she wears a purple bikini inside her treedome.

How did Sandy Cheeks Die?

The popular fan-fiction suggests that Sandy Cheeks was found dead at her home in Arlington. They say that Sandy Cheeks committed suicide because she was depressed after her father’s death and began taking drugs. Sandy had told the public about her ADHD, depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. She also mentioned that she had started cutting herself and distancing from the band rehearsals.

Everyone was worried about Sandy when she did not talk to anyone for two days. She was found unresponsive at her home, where she was declared dead. Further medical investigation revealed that she died of a high amount of alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. Several cuts were also seen on her arms. The investigator suggested that Sandy committed suicide by a cocaine overdose.

Relationship Between SpongeBob and Sandy Cheeks

SpongeBob and Sandy have always been seen in a romantic relationship. They would go on adventures together. Some of the events in the series that depict their special relationship include:

  • Romantic music plays in Sandy’s flashbacks (Tea at the Treedome)
  • Sandy gifts a heart-shaped acorn to SpongeBob and says that she is nuts for him (Valentine’s Day)
  • SpongeBob singing a song regarding his friendship with Sandy though the song had romantic lyrics (Ripped Pants)
  • Sandy hugs SpongeBob and gives him a heart-signed letter (Squirrel Jokes)
  • Sandy tears apart Bikini Bottom when she cannot find him (Pre-hibernation Week)
  • Sandy getting clingy to SpongeBob during her last week of hibernation (pre-hibernation Week)
  • SpongeBob gives a bouquet to Sandy with a note saying, “The smartest, prettiest squirrel in Bikini Bottom”
  • Sandy cried when she got to know that SpongeBob had left Bikini Bottoms (WhoBob WhatPants)
  • SpongeBob calls Sandy a “special friend” when meeting her in Krusty Krab Restaurant

The Bottom Line

Sandy Cheeks is an important part of SpongeBob SquarePants. She and SpongeBob have a “special” bond that they do not tell many people about. Yet, it is quite apparent. According to fan fiction, Sandy cheeks dies from overdosing on cocaine and heroin in her home. It is reported that she started taking these drugs after depression due to her father’s death.

How Did Sandy Cheeks Die

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