Biagio Lazaric Wife

Biagio Lazaric and his Wife

Being a social media personality brings you into the limelight, and people wonder about your family. Biagio Lazaric is one such social media personality that everyone thinks about. He is a YouTuber who makes prank videos and is quite famous among his subscribers. His followers often ask about his income, hobbies, favorites, wife, etc. Read further to know about Biagio Lazaric’s wife and more details.

Who is Biagio Lazaric?

Biagio Lazaric is a popular vlogger born in 1999. He originates from Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA. He joined YouTube around ten years back in 2012 and brags 600,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. His Instagram account has over 73,000 followers. His personal life has always been a mystery as he does not reveal much about his family. A few of his past girlfriends are known. Yet, people are unsure about his current relationship status.

Biagio Lazaric Wife

His followers often see a girl in his vlogs and wonder if she is his wife and supports his career. Many people also speculated that they are married and seen as an intimate couple many times. However, there had been no clarity about the exchange of vows or wedding photographs. However, Biagio clarified that he is not married and that girl is his girlfriend. Biagio’s girlfriend’s name is Kyla Yesenosky. Let’s tell you everything about Kyla Ysenosky.

Who is Kyla Yesenosky?

Kyla Yesenosky is Biagio Lazaric’s current girlfriend. She was born on October 18. The birth year is unknown, but people guess she is 20 or 21. She is of Caucasian white descent and holds American nationality. Kyla is a well-known Tiktok influencer with over 27,000 followers. She posts dance covers on her TikTok. She also runs a YouTube account and has more than 11,000 followers on her YouTube channel. Her Instagram account has 157,000 followers. Many clothing brands also collaborate with her because of her gorgeousness. You can see her in stunning clothes and swimwear often sponsored by brands for influencer marketing. Her earnings are unknown, but it is suggested that she earns 6-figure.

Biagio Lazaric Kids

Besides Biagio Lazaric Wife, his followers are curious to know if he has any kids. Rumors circulated in the past mentioning that he has children from other women. He denied these rumors and mentioned that it was all a lie and he does not have any kids. Kyla and Biagio also have no children, and it is unknown if they will have any soon. 

Biagio Lazaric FAQs

How old is Biagio Lazaric?

Biagio Lazaric was born in 1999 and turned 23 years old in 2022.

What is Biagio Lazaric zodiac sign?

Biagio Lazaric is an Aquarius.

Where does Biagio Lazaric live?

Biagio Lazaric lives in Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Who is Biagio Lazaric wife?

Biagio Lazaric is not married yet. However, he has a girlfriend named Kyla Yesenoksy.

Does Biagio Lazaric have kids?

No, Biagio Lazaric does not have any kids.

Does Biagio’s girlfriend depend on him?

Biagio Lazaric’s girlfriend is a popular Instagram and TikTok influencer, and she does not depend on him financially.

Biagio Lazaric Wife
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