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Why does Call of Duty Keep Saying Copying Add On

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Call of Duty is one of my favorite games played online around the world. However, sometimes it is irritating when you want to add a new feature and it takes an eternity. The “copying ass on” text appearing on the screen can be irritating when installing the game. People often ask why Call of Duty keeps saying “copying add-on?”

Let us tell you all about it in detail.

Copying Add-On Text

This problem typically occurs with PS5 consoles as Warzone does not yet have a PS5 console update. It appears when booting the Modern Warfare/ Warzone. It pushes you to copy the add-on for every game when you launch the game. You can only play the game after it is copied.

The “copying add on” text appears when you install the Modern Warfare packets. You have to wait for the add-on to copy to download these. Once copied, press R3 to see the packs you can install. You can also see the campaign packs for Modern Warfare in the Modern Warfare tab. 

When installing the Modern Warfare packs from the tab, choose Campaign Pack and Movement Pack 1.

It can range from 11 GB to 27 GB in size and may take up to 30 minutes to copy.

Why does Call of Duty Keep Saying Copying Add On

Call of Duty keeps saying “copying add on” because of its incompatibility with PlayStation5. It could be a glitch from the developer’s end or a lack of budget. It could also be due to the absence of features to the game that affects its compatibility with PS4. Malware in the computer or game may also lead to this. However, the issue is troublesome for many gamers. They believe that the game is not living up to the expectations by not offering its full potential.

How to Fix “Coping Add Ons” on PS5

While this issue is not entirely resolvable through the console itself, you can fix multiplayer on Modern Warfare by taking a few steps:

  • Make sure to ensure the latest version
  • Set your network settings
  • Reinstall it


Why are my PS4 Downloads Copied?

If you see your PS4 downloads copying, do not worry. It often happens that the console downloads the update file for the game or updates and copies the whole game file. It may take a while, but it helps prevent file corruption and saves your system from malware.

What is Copying Language Data PS4?

Copying language data and copying update data are sometimes confused, yet they are not the same. Copying update data refers to fitting the patch data in the right spots into the game. It copies the complete game files and then fills the patch. In contrast, copying language data refers to the computer language you want to choose to copy. Connect your computer to the internet and look for “System” in the “Settings” menu. Choose the language of your choice from the “Language” tab.

Do I Need All the Add-Ons for Modern Warfare?

If you want to play Modern Warfare on your console, the add-ons are different from Xbox. You have to install Data Pack 1 and Multiplayer Pack 2 to run Multiplayer in Modern Warfare on PS or PC. On the other hand, Xbox One requires Multiplayer Pack, Multiplayer Pack 2, and Multiplayer and Special Ops Pack.

Can you make Copying Faster On PS4?

As copying the add-ons for the game on Call of Duty can take a long time, the best bet is to increase the download speed. You can make copying faster by installing a faster internal drive such as the SSD.

Why does Call of Duty Keep Saying Copying Add On

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