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Quinn Cook’s Net Worth

Quinn Cook

The Los Angeles basketball player Quinn Cook is worth $500 million as of 2022. He has played since college and has been a part of the NBA G League. Quinn also received two NBA titles in 2018 and 2020, following his win at the NCAA national championship.

Quinn Cook Early Life

Quinn was born to Janet and Ted Cook on March 23, 1993, in Washington, DC. He also has a younger sister Kelsey Cook. His father ran a well-known fast-food joint and a lemonade stand at United Station. Quinn’s parents supported him throughout his basketball career from the school level. He got his first basketball at a young age and was playing basketball properly by age 10.

He studied at the DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Maryland. His parents, especially his father, would take him to different basketball competitions during his school life to participate and learn. Unfortunately, Quinn lost his father in the first season and had to miss many games to overcome the trauma.

Quinn Cook Career

Quinn started playing for DeMatha Catholic High School following his interest in basketball. He was named the Washington Post’s All-Met Player of the Year as a junior in High School. He was also selected to participate in the 2011 McDonald’s All-Amateur Game.

After graduating high school, Duke University accepted Cook’s request to attend and play college basketball. After high school graduation, Scout.com and ESPNU ranked him 37 and 38.

He became a popular player in high school, and many colleges offered him a scholarship. However, he rejected the scholarship offers from well-known institutions like North Carolina and UCLA and played basketball for Duke Blue Devils instead. However, he could not play during the summer before his freshman year at the University of Oklahoma due to a knee injury.

Quinn Cook is the first freshman to debut at Duke’s Countdown to Craziness. He scored 14 points against UNC Greensboro as a freshman, followed by 15.3 points average at the NCAA champion Duke Blue Devils in 2015.

He started playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder at Quinnipiac University. He received the Rookie of the Year in his first year with the Cleveland Cavaliers with 19.6 points. He played for the Dallas Mavericks in the second season and got a place in the NBA’s regular season. Though, he could not continue playing.

Quinn Cook returned with his new team New Orleans Pelicans, in 2017, which later got him into the Golden State Warriors. Now, Quinn plays for the Stockton Kings of the Western Conference in the NBA G League.

Quinn Cook’s Net Worth

Quinn Cook’s net worth is $500 million in 2022. On average, he makes $41 million yearly with a monthly income of $3.5 million.

He started his NBA career at a base salary of $31,968 with the Dallas Mavericks. Later, the Atlanta Hawks signed him for $100k as a base salary. In 2017, he joined the Golden State Warriors for two years with a base salary of $89,832 for the first year and $1,544,951 for the second year. He played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the last season, bragging a salary of $237,966, totaling $6,812,336 for his NBA income.

Quinn Cook 5-Year Income

YearNet Worth
2022$500 million
2021$460 million
2020$415 million
2019$370 million
2018$340 million

The Bottom Line

Quinn Cook is among the most well-known and sought-after basketball players in the NBA. He started playing basketball when he was 10 years old and played for Duke University later. Quinn Cook’s net worth is $500 million in 2022. He played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the last season, bragging a salary of $237,966, totaling $6,812,336 for his NBA income. On average, he makes $41 million yearly with a monthly income of $3.5 million.


Why is Quinn Cook so rich?

Quinn Cook is one of the highest-paid players in the NBA. He played with various teams in the NBA and made around $6 million from the NBA.

Which Basketball Player has the Highest Net Worth?

Michael Jordan is the richest basketball player, with a $2.2 billion net worth. He has utilized his basketball expertise to build a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Where is Quinn Cook from?

Quinn Cook hails from Washington DC, US.

Quinn Cook’s Net Worth

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