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Alcohol and Drug Screening: Its Effect on Crime

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Crime and drug use have a very strong connection. Almost 18% of all inmates turned to crime for the purpose of getting drugs.

Sometimes, it may not be so clear who is abusing alcohol or drugs.

As an employer, are you doing everything in your power to make sure your employees are safe? Do you have a drug testing policy in place?

Find out how alcohol and drug test kits are used to prevent violence, crime, and other negative behavior at your workplace.

How Drugs, Alcohol, and Crime Are Related

There are three types of crimes related to alcohol and drug abuse. These include crimes committed for the sake of acquiring money for drug and alcohol use, crimes related to actual drug use, and crimes which are part of the larger drug trading underground marketplace.

All of these three types of alcohol and drug related crimes present risks to your company.

Crimes for Money

To continue using drugs and alcohol, people with substance use disorder require money to keep their supply consistent. Sometimes, the costs can be exorbitant, and many turn to crimes. Stealing, money laundering, and tax evasion are all types of crimes that people commit for their habits.

Your company’s finances are at risk when even just one unknowingly employed person is addled with substance abuse disorder.

Employees who handle finances or cash could be tempted to steal from their employers. Some may have access to merchandise, and commit theft in order to sell it for alcohol or drug money.

In fact, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from their workplace. Most of them do this repeatedly.

Abuse-Related Crimes

An abuse-related crime is committed when someone has been drinking underage, taking illegal substances, or driving while under the influence of a narcotic or alcohol. Hurting someone else while under the influence could also be considered an abuse-related crime. 

These crimes are relevant to employers if an employee has to operate heavy machinery or a vehicle while impaired. Any injuries caused by this employee, including to themselves, can cause liability to their employer, who failed to implement an alcohol and drug screening policy. 

Crimes in Drug Trade

Growing, distributing, manufacturing, and selling illegal drugs and alcohol are considered trade-related crimes. 

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Workers involved in the trading of drugs and alcohol are likely to steal from the company or use company property as a meeting site for their illegal dealings. In the case of an employee selling narcotics, large drug quantities may be kept with them or inside company vehicles.

How can Alcohol and Drug Screening Help?

Employees that misuse alcohol and drugs can present a threat to themselves, other employees, and your company in general. 

3.1% of employees admit to using illicit drugs before working hours. The same study found that 10-28% of workers in high-risk occupations admit to illicit drug use.

Drug and alcohol testing supplies can help employers in making informed decisions about who is safe and responsible enough to work with. It is in everyone’s best interest to get an employee on the road to recovery if they test positive.

Implementing a solid drug testing policy helps employers keep every employee and the company safe. 

Where To Buy Drug Test Kits

The first step in crime prevention is awareness. The safety of your employees and company is dependent on drug and alcohol testing.

Will you invest in the safety of your employees and your business? Speak to a legal professional regarding setting up a drug testing policy. Drug Test Kit USA is a dependable online supplier of drug test kits and alcohol test devices, since 2016. View their selection of alcohol and drug test kits here: https://drugtestkitusa.com/

Alcohol and Drug Screening: Its Effect on Crime

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