5 Uses of a Temporary Phone Number

Average smartphone users check their devices anywhere between 100 to 150 times per day. With that much screen time, some unpleasantness will inevitably rub off on your regular phone number.

Whether unwanted calls, disingenuous ads, or even random strangers using your contact information to ask for favors, a temporary number allows you to steer clear of any unpleasant phone-call encounters.

Here are a few unique, engaging, and practical ways to use temporary phone numbers.

Enjoy a Different Voice or Experience

You can use a temporary number to call a friend or family member who you haven’t talked to in a while or to call a business that you’ve been meaning to call but haven’t had the time.

You can also use a temporary number to call a new person that you’ve just met and want to get to know better. If you’re tired of your usual phone number and want to try something new, a temporary phone number is a great option.

You are an Anonymous

If you are trying to keep your identity anonymous, a temporary phone number can be an excellent way to do this. It can be challenging to trace a phone number back to you.

Additionally, a temporary number can be helpful if you are trying to avoid unwanted calls or texts. If you give someone your phone number, they will only be able to contact you for a limited time. To open an online account, use our temporary number, and check out Tardigrada for more information.

You Don’t Bother by the Same People

Maybe you don’t want to give out your actual number to a new dating app match, or you don’t want to be bombarded with sales calls from a company you just bought something from. A temporary phone number can be a great way to screen calls and protect your privacy.

If you’re tired of getting calls from the same people, a temporary number can be a way to stop the harassment.

You are Using a Burner Phone

People may not want to share their phone numbers for safety or privacy reasons. For example, they may be conducting business they don’t want to be traced back to them, or they may be communicating with someone they don’t want to have their personal information.

In other cases, people may want to use a burner phone to avoid unwanted calls or texts.

Separate OTP Messages

A temporary phone number can be used to set up a new account with a separate OTP (one-time passcode) from your primary phone number.


This is useful for online accounts where you want to keep your phone number private.

Benefits of Temporary Phone Number

There are many uses for a temporary phone number, and they are easy to find and use. A brief phone number can be a great asset to keep your actual phone number private. They can also be helpful when you need to make a call and don’t want to be traced.

5 Uses of a Temporary Phone Number
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