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5 Themes for Photo Books

Couple holding a photo book

Have you ever considered making yourself a photo book? You can collect all your memories in one place to enjoy forever in a physical form. There’s something a lot more tangible about that a broken hard drive isn’t about to wipe anytime soon.

But why limit yourself to one? When you’ve got a camera in your pocket, there are simply too many photos to keep track of. Instead, why not theme one or two? Can’t think of a theme? Well, take a look at our suggestions.


Halloween, and by extension, comic con, always make for great photos. There’s a reason celebrities dump so much money into their outfits every year: because that is going to be a photo to remember. Plus, the best part is that you have social acceptance to take photos of everyone (with permission), and fill your photo books up with the craziest, funniest, and spookiest outfits out there.


What makes for a better photo than Mother Earth herself? For any trips you’ve taken, you need photographic proof. Show yourself how well-traveled you are with photos from your road trips, camping trips, Vegas trips, beach trips, city tours, and more. It makes for the best photo book because it’s a great mix of gorgeous sights and treasured memories. Find the best photo book maker here for the best photo book concept.


Birthday photo books are a great way to measure time. That chubby-cheeked cherub on the first page? Where did they go? They turned into an adult with bills to pay. The horror.

A camera on a book

That’s one way to “celebrate” birthdays, but you might even be embracing getting older. Switch up those birthday photoshoots of you in a frilly dress in front of a mall backdrop and take your friends to a hotel room where they can take pics of you drinking champagne from the bottle in a bath full of balloons.

Family and Friends

The most obvious way to use a photo book is obvious for a reason: we want to remember the people we love the most. A “family and friends” (or a “family” and a “friends”) photo book is a great way to keep memories of your favorite people in one place. You can pull them out when you next see people that are far away, or you don’t get to see much, or even just to keep yourself smiling at home.

Friend-focussed photo books are particularly interesting because they show the different sides of you through different phases of your life. Maybe you were a goth in high school but preppy in university. Look at the people who gravitated towards you, then.


It’s coming to the end of the year, which means we’ll all be looking to the future soon. So many of these themes are about looking to the past, which is fun too, but it can be just as much fun to look forward to. So, consider what you want to do with your time in the future. What would be your dream home? Dream job? Dream man? Stick it all in a photo book. Sure, you don’t have any photos yet, but you have access to plenty of magazines and a printer if needed.

5 Themes for Photo Books

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