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Best Crossbow Enchantments


Minecraft is one of the best games that enable players of all kinds to interact and enjoy the game. It is equally engaging for both children and adults. Multiple tools in the game, like crossbows, blocks, smokers, etc., let players build and live in a land of their own. While blocks are used in construction, and smokers help cook food quickly, crossbows are one of the most powerful weapons. Crossbows come with multiple enchantments that enhance the ability and power of the crossbow. You have to obtain these enchantments to improve the performance of your crossbows.

What are Crossbow Enchantments?

Crossbow enchantments help you use your crossbow in a better way. They add durability, increase the number of arrows in one shot and enhance penetration through a shield. Each Crossbow enchantment works differently and helps the player secure their position. You can increase the longevity, effectiveness, and damage by the crossbow. They also have some cons besides the pros.

Best Crossbow Enchantments

Crossbow enchantments are an efficient way to improve your fighting ability without finding new tools. When looking for Crossbow Enchantments, it is crucial to find the right kind of enchantment per need. Let’s tell you the best crossbow enchantments so you can kill your opponents more efficiently.

EnchantmentMaximum LevelPurpose
Unbreaking3Increases durability
Multishot1Three arrows at once
Mending1Increases longevity
Quick Charge375% less reloading time
Piercing4Increased penetration through enemies
Power525% more damage capacity
Curse of Vanishing1Crossbow vanishes after death


Who Wouldn’t want a Crossbow that is Unbreakable?

This enchantment increases the durability of the crossbow and saves it from damage. It lets you ignore a shot or hit that reduces the durability of the crossbow. The crossbow enchantment has three levels. It is better than crossbows with no enchantments as you can use it for a longer time. However, the efficiency of the enchantment depends on the enchantment level.

How to Get Crossbow Unbreaking Enchantment?

  • Use a fishing rod for fishing the Unbreakable enchantment; It is one of the simplest ways to obtain this enchantment. 
  • Trade with a wandering villager.
  • Find a chest to use this enchantment.


  • It can be used up to level 3.
  • It saves your crossbows from damage and increases durability.
  • You can also obtain Ender pearls by using this enchantment in the game.


  • It is not very effective against powerful enemies.


Narrator in Minecraft

Multishot is one of our favorite crossbow enchantments as it lets you kill many players in one shot. Using the multishot enchantment, you can shoot three arrows in one go instead of one. Isn’t it so cool! It is one of the best ways to kill mobs that try to attack you. It is best as a defensive or attacking mechanism.

How to Get Crossbow Multishot Enchantment?

  • Like Mending, players can also obtain Multishot enchantment by fishing.
  • It can also be found inside loot treasure chests.
  • You may take the enchantment from wandering villagers.


  • It is a level-1 enchantment.
  • You can use this enchantment to shoot three arrows while using only one.
  • You can shoot from distances with high accuracy.
  • It helps you save arrows.
  • This enchantment is excellent for killing mobs and PvP foes quickly.
  • One of the best features is that multishot enchantment lets you shoot firework rockets as well.


  • While you may want to use the multishot enchantment with others, it is incompatible with piercing enchantment.
  • It reduces the durability of the crossbow.


Mending is one of the most common crossbow enchantments used in Minecraft. It helps increase the durability and longevity of your crossbow. If your crossbow is not at its maximum durability when you obtain the XP Orb, you can use the XP points to restore durability. Each XP point gives you 2 durability points. 

How to Get Mending Enchantment?

You can obtain the Mending enchantment through various means. Some of them are:

  • Obtaining Mending from merchants.
  • Finding it in treasures in temples, villages, dungeons, jungles, etc.
  • Use an enchanted book to enchant your crossbow.
  • Mending can also be acquired by fishing.


  • It has only one level of enchantment.
  • It enables the players to prolong the crossbow’s lifespan and save time.
  • It can also mend your crossbow to enhance durability.
  • It is the best durability enchantment for Minecraft crossbows.


  • You can use Mending for crossbows only.
  • You need to use XP points to repair your crossbow.
  • It cannot be used with other enchantments.

Quick Charge

If you are low on arrows, this enchantment is excellent for you. 

The Quick Charge Minecraft Enchantment allows you to refill your crossbow conveniently and saves your time. It is the right choice for those who want to keep themselves safe while reloading the arrows. You can upgrade it to level three to get the best out of this enchantment.

How to Get Quick Charge Enchantment?

  • The simplest way is to grab your fishing rod and search for the Quick Charge Enchantment.
  • It can be found in loot chests in library rooms and dungeons.
  • Or find craft it through the enchanting table.


  • You can upgrade Quick Charge to Level 3.
  • It lets the players recharge their crossbows without missing the shots.
  • Quick Charge reduces the reloading time to a quarter of the standard time taken.
  • It can be used to kill mobs of all kinds.


  • It may be tricky to use this enchantment sometimes.


Piercing is one of the best crossbow enchantments if you want an all-in-one enchantment. Though it does not allow you to shoot multiple arrows at once, you can still kill several enemies simultaneously. Piercing enchantment increases the piercing ability of the arrows through entities. You can align your enemies and can kill all of them in a single shot. This enchantment also allows the player to pass through shields. It can kill up to four mobs and two birds at once. Piercing gives a level+1 extra kill.

How to Get Crossbow PieBrcing Enchantment?

  • You can craft the piercing enchantment using the Anvil or Enchantment book.
  • It can be found in loot chests in dungeons.
  • Wandering villagers can also trade the piercing enchantment with you.
  • The last method is to obtain it through fishing.


  • You can upgrade it to level four (up to 5 piercings).
  • It lets you kill as many as four mobs at one time.
  • It can kill two birds at once.
  • It can pass through shields and kill multiple targets.
  • You can collect and reuse the arrows.


  • It decreases the durability of your crossbow.
  • The piercing enchantment is not compatible with Multishot enchantment.


Power is another amazing enchantment on the list of the best crossbow enchantments. It increases the destruction ability of your crossbow by increasing its efficiency. The players can kill mobs or opponents in PvP modes conveniently and in less time.

How to Get the Power Enchantment?

You can find this enchantment through various channels like

  • Trading with librarian villagers.
  • Crafting it in the inventory using crossbows, enchanted books, lapis lazuli, and bookshelves.
  • Obtaining power V by combining Power 4 with two crossbows.


  • It has upgrades to level 5 for maximum damage.
  • It increases the damage capacity up to 25%.
  • You can easily kill your enemies with increased power.


  • The Power enchantment cannot be combined with Mending enchantment.

Curse of Vanishing

One of the most hurtful moments in PvP is when you have to give away your inventory after death. Collecting and crafting the tool takes a fair amount of time. Giving it to anyone when you die does not seem fair. While you may not save many other tools, you can save your crossbow by the Curse of Vanishing enchantment. As the name suggests, it is a curse for other players as your crossbow vanishes in-game when you die. Though, this enchantment is quite rare.

How to Get a Crossbow Curse of Vanishing Enchantment?

  • You can find it in chests and by mining.
  • Use your fishing rod to find these enchantments.
  • Some librarian villagers may also trade this enchantment.


  • It has only one enchantment level.
  • It deprives your enemies of getting your valuable crossbow.
  • You can also use it on many other weapons and tools.


  • It is quite rare to find.
  • You have to sacrifice your crossbow on death.

The Bottom Line

Crossbow enchantments help you enhance the efficiency and durability of your crossbow to kill more enemies. It is essential to keep your needs in mind when enchanting your crossbow with the best crossbow enchantments. For example, piercing enchantment is the right choice for killing many mobs at once. On the other hand, quick Charge lets you reload your crossbow quickly. 


Can we apply Piercing enchantment to the bow?

No, piercing enchantment can only be applied to crossbows.

How many enchantments can be applied to crossbows?

You can apply multiple enchantments to a crossbow. Mostly, it allows you to apply three unique enchantments. However, players cannot use some crossbow enchantments like piercing and multishot together.

Can I apply these enchantments to other tools?

The enchantments mentioned above are not specific to crossbows only. You can apply them to other valuable tools and weapons.

Can shears be enchanted?

Yes. Shears can be enchanted through the enchantment table or Anvil. They can only use Mending and Unbreaking enchantments.

Best Crossbow Enchantments

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