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How to Make Shears in Minecraft


Shears are an essential tool in Minecraft that help you collect items in the game, including seagrass, leaves, pumpkins, mushrooms, beehives, and sheep’s wool. They are one of the best tools to collect sheep’s wool as they give up to 3 blocks of sheep wool.

Shears are simple to make in Minecraft. You only need two iron ingots to convert them into shears. If you do not have iron ingots, you will have to prepare them first. Prepare the shears by diagonally placing the ingots on the crafting table. 

Let’s tell you how to make shears in Minecraft quickly.


  • Ingots/Iron Ore

Collecting the Material

If you have ingots in your inventory, you can pick them up. However, in case you do not have ingots, prepare them using Iron Ores.

Iron ores are one of the most common ores in Minecraft. They can be found anywhere in the game, including ravines and caves. You may want to try your luck anywhere you see stones as it could be iron ore. They are also sometimes found in mountains and hillsides. Mine downwards to collect the iron ores.


Now that you have the iron ores, the first step is to convert them into ingots.

Making ingots from iron ores requires the use of a furnace. Use a furnace from the inventory and power it with any fuel of choice. Add the iron ore to the top of the furnace and fuel to the bottom. Use two of these to make shears in Minecraft.

When you have the ingots prepared from iron ores, it is time to create the shears. 

Lay down your crafting table.

Place each of the iron bricks/ ingots diagonally in the 3×3 box. 

Your shear will appear in the box on the right side. 

Uses of Shears

You can use shears for multiple reasons in Minecraft. One of the primary purposes is to mine blocks and obtain sheep wool. The sheep wool helps prepare products like beds, paintings, carpets, or banners. It is also used for decorative purposes. Besides sheep wool, you can also collect leaves, seagrass, fern, cobwebs, beehives, etc., with shears.

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How to make iron ingots in Minecraft?

You can prepare iron ingots in Minecraft by smelting iron ores in a furnace. Apart from making them yourself, they can be found in chests, temples, dungeons, or on zombies on husks wearing iron armor or holding the iron ingot.

Can you shear a cow?

No, shears cannot be used for cows directly. Yet, you can shear mushrooms to turn them into cows.

How to make the bed in Minecraft?

You can make a bed in Minecraft by combining wood planks and wool. Place the wooden planks in the bottom row of a 3×3 grid. Add wool to the 2nd row just above all the wooden planks. The bed will appear in the box on the right. Move it to the inventory.

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How to Make Shears in Minecraft

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