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What does Piercing do in Minecraft

Piercing in Minecraft

Enchantments definitely elevate the gaming experience in Minecraft, and piercing is one of them. When applied to a crossbow, piercing allows your arrows to pierce through multiple entities. You can use it several times by retrieving it after it has pierced through the target. It is best for narrow areas as you can hit many enemies in one go. Let’s tell you what piercing does in Minecraft in detail.

What is Piercing in Minecraft?

Piercing is one of the enchantments that give you extra benefit in Minecraft. By applying the piercing enchantment to your crossbow, you can kill multiple enemies at once. It allows you to cross many entities through one shot. It is one of the less popular yet effective ways of increasing damage. 

Minecraft introduced piercing in the 1.14 version. You can enchant your crossbow through the best crossbow Enchantment, Anvil, or simply using the command line. If you wish to choose any methods besides the command table, you must have the equipment like the book and the anvil in the inventory.

The best part about the piercing enchantment in Minecraft is that you can use the arrow as many times as you want. Just collect the arrow after every hit to use it again. Piercing lets you pierce through several entities simultaneously. You get +1 for every level up to level 4. The enchantment becomes more powerful as the levels advance.

How to get a Piercing in Minecraft

There are three methods of obtaining the piercing to enchant your crossbow. Here’s how you can enchant your crossbow with piercing in Minecraft.


One of the most straightforward methods is to use the command /enchant @p piercing <level of piercing>. It will give you the level of enchantment as commanded.

Enchantment Table

To get the piercing enchantment through the enchantment table, make sure you have the table. 

  • Now place 15 bookshelves around it. You may use an old setup if available.
  • Combine the crossbow and lapis lazuli using the table.
  • Take the piercing from enchantment slots on the right side.


Lastly, you may combine the enchantment book and the crossbow to get the piercing enchantment quickly.

How to Use Piercing in Minecraft?

  • To use piercing enchantment, line up your enemies first.
  • Then hold the enchanted crossbow in your hand and use it to kill them.
  • When you attach to this enchanted crossbow, the arrows pierce through many entities at the same time.
  • Once the arrow passes through the first entity, it will pierce through the next and so on.

Uses of Piercing Enchantment

Killing Mobs

Mobs can be quite dangerous in Minecraft as they can kill players instantly. Using enchantments like piercing enables you to kill them more conveniently than individually. You can kill the mob by standing on high ground and shooting the arrows to kill them. When they all are dead, gather your arrows to use again.

Reusing Arrows

One of the best features of piercing in Minecraft is using the arrows again. Your arrows are not wasted as you can pick them again to kill others. You can use the arrows to kill multiple entities at once.

Passing Through Shields

What’s better than having arrows that can cross shields! Enchanted crossbow arrows can pass through shields, killing your enemy without damaging the player.

Pillager Battles

Crossbows can be used in pillager battles as the players can shoot through Ravagers. Besides helping with shooting, it also allows the players to save more arrows by finishing raids faster.


If you are looking to unlock all achievements in Minecraft, piercing is a must. It lets you kill more than one phantom at once. By killing two birds with one arrow by piercing, you can unlock the “Two birds, one arrow” achievement.

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Can piercing be used with a bow?

Piercings cannot be used with bows and only crossbows. This is probably because the developers thought that only a crossbow could shoot with such high momentum.

What can Piercing in Minecraft pass through?

Piercing is a powerful enchantment and lets you pierce through multiple enemies, birds, and even shields. 

Is piercing enchantment compatible with multishot?

You might want to use piercing with multishot to get the best, but it is not possible. The piercing enchantment for crossbows in Minecraft is not compatible with multishot. Both the enchantments can work independently and add two arrows by multishot while using piercing.

What is the piercing enchantment compatible with?

The piercing enchantment is compatible with crossbows in Java 1.14 and 1.8.0 versions. You can use the enchantment in later editions in creative and survival modes. It can also be used to kill birds besides other players. While they can pass through shields, pierced crossbows do not impact firework rockets.

What is the damage from piercing?

The impact of piercing depends on the enchantment level on the crossbow. You can kill the Level+1 number of entities with the enchantment. For example, you can kill three birds by applying Level 2 enchantment.

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What does Piercing do in Minecraft

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