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How to Make Glass in Minecraft?


As there is an infinite variety of items that you can create in Minecraft, it’s quite normal for one to forget to build a few things as you can’t remember them all at the same time.

So if you are a new player who doesn’t know how to make glass in Minecraft or even a pro player who has just forgotten those exact steps, then don’t worry. In this detailed guide, we’re gonna walk you through the simple steps to make glass in Minecraft, moreover, we’re also gonna inform you about the natural places where you can find ready-made glass if you are not in the mood of making it.

So buckle up and let’s begin.

Natural Occurrences of Glass

If you think that you don’t have enough time for making glass or you just don’t wanna make it due to any other reason, then you don’t have to worry because there is still hope for you. Minecraft world has such places that facilitate the natural occurrence of glass which means you can find a lot of naturally existing glass without the hassle of crafting it. But it still depends upon luck if you are able to find those places. So the places that have naturally occurring glass include:

  • If you want white and yellow stained glass, then the best places to look for are the windows of villages.
  • Just like the villages, the end cities’ windows also have a place for naturally existing magenta stained glass.
  • Last, but not least. Glass is also found in the woodland mansion, but they are in a secret room. So you’ll have to suffer the hassle of finding that secret room.

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Required Materials for Making a Glass

Now, if you can’t find the glass in the above-mentioned places, then the last option is to craft it. To craft and build glass from scratch, you’re gonna need the following items to get started:

  • Crafting Table
  • Sand
  • Furnace
  • Fuel source (anyone of your choice, either charcoal or wood).
  • Dye (any color of your choice)

Step by Step Procedure for Crafting a Glass in Minecraft

Step 1: First of all, you’re gonna have to make a furnace. For this, open your crafting menu.

Step 2: Now select the crafting table from it.

Step 3: You must now put the crafting table on the ground.

Step 4: Once it’s on the foundation, tap or double-tap it to open a 3X3 grid.

Step 5: After the grid is opened, start placing the materials that are required to make a furnace which may typically include cable or Blackstone’s.

Step 6: make sure to place the materials in the right positions, i.e. place all the Black stones in all the boxes of the crafting table except for the one in middle.

Step 7: Doing this will create a furnace. Once a furnace is built, transfer it to your inventory and start using it.

Step 8: From the inventory, pick the furnace, place it on the ground, and tap on it just like the way you did with the crafting table.

Step 9: Doing this will open the interface of the furnace, so now start putting the materials in it.

Step 10: In the interface, you’ll see two boxes opposite to each other vertically. Place the fuel (any of the ones you brought) in the bottom box.

Step 11: After that, put the block of sand in the upper box. Once you’ve put all the required materials in the required places, the furnace will generate glass and Voila! Your mission is accomplished. Now you can use the glass wherever you desire.

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How to Make Glass in Minecraft?
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