How to Make a Trapdoor in Minecraft

Trapdoors in Minecraft

Trapdoors are solid blocks that you can open upward or downward according to their placement.

Trapdoors are typically used as an entranceway. They are also utilized for making elevators, staircases, drawbridges, and sewer systems in Minecraft. You can also smelt them to turn them into fuel if they are not useful. Minecraft has various kinds of trapdoors, including oak, birch, acacia, spruce, crimson, warped wood, and jungle. Here’s how you can make a trapdoor in Minecraft.

To make a trapdoor in Minecraft, you need six planks of wood. The six wood pieces give two trapdoors. 

  • Open your 3×3 grid crafting table.
  • Place the wood pieces in the bottom two rows leaving the first row empty.
  • Make sure to place all pieces of the same kind of wood.
  • Your trapdoor will appear in the box on the right.
  • Move it to your inventory.

How to Make a Secret Trapdoor in Minecraft

If you want to keep your trapdoor hidden from other players, you can place one in-depth. You will need 8 red stones, 8 Redstone repeaters, and 12 sticky pistons. 

  • The first step is to make a deep hole in the ground. It should be 10 blocks long, 8 blocks wide, and 3 blocks deep. You may increase the size if needed.
  • Next, make another role within this hole. It should be 2×2 blocks with the depth of choice. It is better to make it in the center.
  • Place the sticky pistons facing inwards. Place them along the length of the hole. They should be one block away from the hole and two blocks away from the wall. 
  • Now fill blocks between the wall and the piston. Add four-block per side to raise it to one block in height.
  • Add two blocks on each side without the piston.
  • The work is not done yet. It is time to add two more pistons on each side between the hole and the pistons facing up.
  • Now that your pistons have an L-shape, fill it with simple stone or any other blocks.
  • Place two more repeaters on each side without pistons.
  • Add red stones around the workspace to connect all the repeaters and functionalize the rig. 
  • Now provide power to the trapdoor by setting the circuit. You can add the power source anywhere, and it will work fine. 

Your hidden, powered trapdoor is fully functional now, and you can use it for any purpose per need.

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Use of Trapdoors in Minecraft

Trapdoors are used for multiple purposes in Minecraft, including:

  • It prevents you from falling into holes off ladders.
  • You can prevent mobs from accessing an area around you.
  • They may also act as an opening for a bar or another countertop.
  • Trapdoors stop water, rain, snowfall, or lava from flowing into space.
  • They can be used to breathe underwater in Minecraft.
  • It does not block Redstone signals and allows light to pass through.


How to make wood planks from logs?

To prepare a trapdoor, you can make wood planks from logs. Place the log in the top left corner of the box. This will give you four wood planks.

How to make a trapdoor in Minecraft?

Making a trapdoor in Minecraft requires six wood planks or 4 iron ingots. Place them in the 3×3 crafting grid to yield 2 trapdoors. 

How to Use Trapdoor in Minecraft?

Each trapdoor takes only one block, and you can put it on the side of a solid block. Right-click on the trapdoor to flip it onto the attached block.

Where is the trapdoor in the updated Minecraft?

You can find the trapdoor under the Redstone tab in the updated Minecraft version. 

How to Hide a Trapdoor?

You can hide a trapdoor by various means such as stained glass, wood, or blocks of similar color. You can also use a carpet to hide your trapdoor or craft a hidden trapdoor.

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