How to Change your Minecraft Username?

Minecraft Username

Have you just come to realize that the username you have on your Minecraft account is not what you really wanted? Or have just made a mistake while setting the name? Well, in that case, changing it will just do the good.

However, changing a username in Minecraft isn’t as simple and easy as it seems. There are many obstacles in your way. Minecraft doesn’t usually allow its players to change their username. There are many restrictions, still, there is a way.

So if you are willing to change your Minecraft username, you must first know and understand the restrictions, and after that check, if you are eligible or not, only then you can change your username.

So let’s begin.

Restrictions on Changing the Minecraft Username

There are only a few restrictions that keep you from changing your Minecraft username. So in order to make changes, you’ll have to make sure none of these obstacles stand in your way:

  • The first restriction is the device you are playing on. Xbox and PlayStation owners are not allowed to make changes to their Minecraft, only the PC and Mac holders get such opportunity. You can only change the name in the former cases by accessing and changing the Sony PSN ID or Gamertag Xbox.
  • The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft also doesn’t allow its players to change their username, only the players with Java Edition have this facility.
  • The time interval allowed for changing the username is 30 days. This means you are not allowed to change the username within 30 days of your account creation. Moreover, you are also not allowed to change the username again, if you have already changed it within the last 30 days.

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When are you Allowed to Change the Minecraft Username?

Don with the restrictions, now let’s see when you can consider yourself to be eligible for changing the username on your Minecraft account:

  • You must have a PC or a Mac
  • You must have the Java Edition of Minecraft
  • You haven’t made any changes to your account within the last 30 days

If you meet all the above criteria, then you are allowed to change the username.


Steps to Change Username

Now you’ll have to follow the below-given steps to successfully change your username. Make sure to read them carefully, as each step involves crucial information and the username will not be changed if you skip or made mistake in any of the steps.

Step 1: Your very first step involves visiting the official site. So to begin with, go to the official Mojang site or simply enter this URL in your browser:

Step2: Now in the top left corner of the page, next to “redeem”, You’ll see the “Log in” button. Enter the login information and sign in to your account.

Step 3: Once logged in, visit the setting and look for the Profile Information.

Step 4: After finding the Profile Information, Click on Change Profile Name.

Step 5: Space will appear, you’ll have to enter your new profile name in it.

Step 6: Make sure you meet all the requirements for the username:

  • The character length of the username must be 3-16 characters.
  • You are only allowed to use letters (both upper and lower case) and numbers in your username, no special character is allowed.
  • The only special character allowed in username is underscored (_).
  • No spaces are allowed.

Step 7: Once you have entered your username, meeting all the requirements, Now click on the “Check Availability” button to check whether the username is available or not. If it is then proceed with the next step, otherwise change the name.

Step 8: In the last step, click the change button, and it will ask for your password. Enter your password and click “change” again and VOILA! You have successfully changed your Minecraft username.

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How to Change your Minecraft Username?
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