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How Big is a Chunk in Minecraft?


If you are a Minecraft player, then for sure, you must be aware of what chunks really are and how big their size is, because after all, chunks are the first thing you will ever see when you enter the Minecraft world.

However, for the new players who are completely unaware of the Minecraft terms, or are planning to enter the game world, chunk might sound like a new word for them.

Don’t confuse these chunks with real-world chunks as they are completely different things.

If you wanna know what Minecraft chunks are and how big they are in Minecraft, then let’s have a look below where we have mentioned all the detail you need regarding Minecraft chunks including their size as well, so let’s begin.

What are Chunks?

Chunks in Minecraft are the clusters or groups of blocks organized in a systemic manner. The exact size and number of blocks used in the chunk are discussed below. Chunks are basically used by the game generation code in order to break the Minecraft world into smaller segments so that it can become easier for the game engine to map out the whole world.

Let’s have a look at how chunks are loaded and generated in Minecraft:

Loading and Generation of Chunks in Minecraft

The generation of chunks has been set default in the game which means they are naturally generated around the player when he enters the game world. More and more chunks keep on generating and loading whenever the player moves around the world so that it can be easier for him to construct things around him.

The generation of chunks majorly depends upon the map seed of Minecraft, so as long as the player is using the same map seed again and again along with the same version number of Minecraft and map generator, the chunks will also remain the same.

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Role of Ticket in Chunk Loading

A ticket in Minecraft is known as a mechanism to load more chunks. Once the chunks are generated, they are in unloaded form in order to keep the game playable. These generated chunks are loaded with the help of a ticket so that the player can use them in creating his farms and land.

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The tickets of Minecraft comprise three properties: 1) Ticket Type, 2) Ticket Level, and 3) Time to Live. The “Time to live” property of the ticket is optional whereas the ticket type decides the kind of chunks that are generated and whether they are available for the players or not.

How big is a Chunk in Minecraft? – Chunk Size

One chunk in Minecraft comprises approximately a 16×16 block segment of the Minecraft world, which means it is 16 blocks long, 16 blocks wide, and 256 blocks high, consisting of almost 65,536 blocks in total. An estimated value of big sized chunks generated in Minecraft (excluding the entities) is considered to be almost 14 trillion or something.

How to Identify which Chunk you are on?

Now to identify on which chunk you are standing or to locate the edges of a chunk, a player simply has to press the F3 key plus G. Doing so will make the chunk boundaries appear and you can easily find out your location a chunk.

The Bottom Line

So, now that you know what chunks are, how big they are in Minecraft, and how they are generated, it will be easier for you to proceed further with the game. So without further ado, start using these big chunks in Minecraft to create your own virtual world in the way you like.

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How Big is a Chunk in Minecraft?

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