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How to Make Scaffolding in Minecraft

If you are not aware of scaffolding, you are missing out on a beneficial tool!

Scaffoldings are not used frequently in Minecraft. But, if you know how to craft them, they can be quite useful. They play the role of blocks in construction and moving up. You can utilize it to reach higher places and build spaces. Using scaffoldings in construction lets you place them as additional support and destroy them when not needed. They are present in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.9 and Minecraft Java Edition 1.14.

Creating scaffolding is quite easy. Let’s tell you how to make scaffolding in Minecraft in three easy steps.


  • Bamboo sticks – 3
  • Strings – 1

Collecting the Ingredients

To prepare to the scaffold, you need first to gather the constituents. 

  • You can easily find bamboo sticks from jungles or other biomes.
  • Strings can be obtained by killing spiders or spider webs in dungeons. 


Now that you have gathered your supplies, it is time to craft them on the crafting table in three simple steps.

Lay the crafting table on the ground.

Now place the bamboo sticks in the 1st and 3rd column.

Lastly, place the string in the top row of the middle column, as shown below.


Your scaffolding will appear in the box on the right side. Take it and place it in the inventory.

This method gives you six scaffoldings at one time.

How to Use Scaffolding In Minecraft?

Using a scaffolding is as effortless as making it. Start by placing one scaffold in an area and stack more by holding down the right-click button. Then use the jump button to take it to a higher area and reach your destination. You can keep ascending as much as you like. 

Conversely, you can also descend the scaffold by using the crouch button. You may add multiple scaffolds to create a bridge. However, make sure not to damage the base of your scaffolding as it will destroy the whole of the bridge.

Uses of Scaffolding

If you wonder that the only use of scaffolding is ascending height or allowing you to reach higher areas, there’s more to it.


One of the most common uses of scaffoldings is in construction. You can use them as building blocks to construct the base of any building or the complete structure. 

Shifting Buildings

Besides constructing buildings, you can also shift them using scaffoldings without wasting much time.

Temporary Construction

You can also use them to create structures for a short period as scaffoldings can be easily destroyed. It is more convenient to use as you can break the structures easily.

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Why are scaffoldings used in Minecraft?

Scaffoldings are used for multiple purposes in Minecraft, including construction, ascending and descending buildings, saving the player from fall damage, and fuel.

How to stop scaffolding from falling?

Scaffoldings are quite fragile and may fall or get destroyed. Use the shift key to prevent the scaffolding from tumbling. A certain amount of boxes help you from falling through specific heights. 

Why can I not make scaffoldings?

If you are not able to make scaffoldings using the above-mentioned method, check if you are using the right material. Bamboo and sugarcane look alike and may be confused for each other. Ensure to use bamboos and not sugarcane when making scaffoldings.

How to make Steel scaffoldings in Minecraft?

Creating steel scaffoldings is also easy, like making scaffoldings in Minecraft. Steel is considered a pure form of Iron and can be used to prepare scaffoldings. You can engineer steel scaffoldings using Steel Tubes and Fittings. Prepare steel scaffoldings by fixing the steel tubes with steel fittings. Steel scaffoldings offer the same function as bamboo scaffolding, but it is fire resistant and more powerful. 

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How to Make Scaffolding in Minecraft

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