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KKVSH Net Worth 2022


Mikayla Saravia, popularly known as KKVSH, is one of the most successful young Instagram models. She is immensely popular for her YouTube videos besides modeling and social media presence. KKVSH also earns from Only Fans. Let’s tell you everything about her, including KKVSH’s net worth.

Who is KKVSH?

KKVSH is a popular social media celebrity with a significant following on YouTube, Instagram, and Only Fans. She was born in California, United States, on October 29, 1997. Despite being born in the United States with American nationality, she has a Jamaican and Salvadorian ethnicity. After taking initial education in a local high school in California, she completed her graduation from a local private university. She currently lives in Palm Beach, Florida.

What Made KKVSH Famous?

If you have always felt bad about being bullied, Mikayla is an example of turning situations the other way around. In her younger years, she realized she had a longer tongue than others around her. Her parents wanted her to hide it to save her from bullying. On the contrary, it gave her the popularity she enjoys today.

The Instagram star became popular when a photo of her 6.5-inch-long tongue went viral on Instagram in September 2019. It is believed that she has made over $100,000 using pictures of her tongue on Instagram.

KKVSH Social Media

KKVSH started her Twitter account under the name “therealkkvsh.” She launched her YouTube channel in 2017. She runs a store known as the KKVSH store. Many people also subscribe to her on Only Fans for $19.99 per month. She has 8.2 million followers on Instagram and 136k subscribers on YouTube. She also brags 47,000+ followers on Twitter. KKVSH has 1.8 million subscribers on TikTok.

KKVSH Net Income

KKVSH’s net income is around $1 million in 2022. She generates her income from her store and different social media platforms.

KKVSH Appearance

Mikayla has a beautiful appearance with multiple tattoos and black hair. Her eye color is dark brown. He weighs 57 kgs (125 pounds). KKVSH’s height is around 5 feet or 150 centimeters.

KKVSH Boyfriend

Many assume that KKVSH does not have a boyfriend as she never introduced him in her videos. However, she mentioned in an interview that she does not want to disclose her relationship as girls might hunt down her boyfriend, leading to a breakup.


How Old is KKVSH?

Mikayla (KKVSH) was born on October 29, 1997. She will turn 25 in October 2022.

What is the KKVSH Zodiac Sign?

KKVSH celebrates her birthday in October, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Where does KKVSH Live?

She lives in Los Angeles, California, in 2022.

What Religion does KKVSH Follow?

KKVSH is a Christian of a Salvadoran ethnicity.

Does Mikayla have any Tattoos?

Yes, KKVSH has multiple tattoos on different body parts.

Is KKVSH Married?

Mikayla is probably not married as she has never mentioned marriage. She has not introduced her boyfriend (if any) either.

What are KKVSH Hobbies?

She loves traveling, reading comic books, and listening to music.

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KKVSH Net Worth 2022

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