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Too Turnt Tony’s Net Worth

Too Turnt Tony

It won’t be wrong to say that TikTok is the new YouTube. Instead, TikTok has gained popularity much quicker than YouTube and has become a popular content-creation platform.

TooTurnttony is a popular TikToker with millions of followers on his account. He is one of the widely celebrated and appreciated entertainers on the platform. TooTurnttony makes a significant income from the app like his fellow popular TikTokers. People often wonder how much TooTurnttony earns from TikTok.

TooTurnttony’s net worth in 2022 is over $1 million.

Let us tell you more about TooTurnttony’s wealth, initial life, and career in detail.

Who is TooTurnttony?

TooTurnttony is a model and social media personality. His real name is Anthony. He is immensely popular on the video-producing platform TikTok where his followers enjoy his lip sync and comedy skit videos. He has over 6 million followers on his TikTok account, 895k followers on Instagram, and 149,000 YouTube subscribers. TooTurnttony gained fame through his comedy videos on TikTok. Besides making videos, he also modeled for a modeling company.

Early Life

TooTurnttony was born on February 1, 1995, in Michigan, USA. He has always been interested in videography and shooting. He used to shoot videos with his father during childhood. He also focused on his health and fitness as a teenager. TooTurnttony took media studies from Western Michigan University. His majors included media studies, cinema, and video which he graduated with honors. 

TooTurnttony also sometimes features his family in his videos including his brother Dominic and sister Maria. TooTurnttony does not share much about his relationship status and he is single most likely. Though he has not revealed his sexual orientation and does not have any kids.


TooTurnttony started making videos at the age of four with his father. He and his father would pretend to smoke on their car’s roof and record it. TooTurnttony continued making videos with his friends to become a comic or content creator someday.

TooTurnttony began his career by uploading his videos on Vine where many people liked their content. However, he later moved to YouTube and TikTok when Vine shut down. His TikTok followers enjoyed the funny skits. He also often uploads pictures and videos of his ducks and farm. Before his TikTok fame, he worked as a model in the local fashion sector.

TooTurnttony Net Worth

TooTurnttony’s net worth in 2022 is $1 million yet it is expected to rise considering his commercials with Tinder, Playboy, and Celsius. He also advertises on Instagram which adds to his revenue. However, his main earning stream is TikTok and he makes around $500,000 from TikTok annually. TooTurnttony also makes money from merchandise and brand deals.

TooTurnttony Net Income 5 years

YearNet worth
2022$1 million

The Bottom Line

TooTurnttony is a popular TikTok star with a net worth above $1 million. He started filming when he was 4 years old and later took a degree in media sciences and cinema. He always wanted to be a video content creator and began his career with Vine. TooTurnttony later moved to TikTok when Vine shut down. He makes funny skits and lip-syncs videos that his audience enjoys thoroughly. TooTurnttony income majorly comes from TikTok, followed by brand endorsements and his merchandise. He also advertises businesses on his Instagram account. TooTurnttony advises new content creators to be natural with their content and not try to incorporate jokes unnaturally.


Why is Tooturnttony famous?

Anthony, also known as Tooturnttony, is a TikTok content creator popular for his relatable comedy skits and unique parenting advice.

Who is Tooturnttony Dating?

Tooturnttony does not disclose much about his dating life and people do not know if he is dating or single. However, a girl’s face was revealed accidentally in January 2022.

How does TooTurntTony make Money?

TooTurntTony makes most of his money through TikTok. TikTok pays $20-$30 for every million views. However, brands pay $2,000 for videos expected to give at least 1 million views.

Who Gets Paid on TikTok?

You can easily get paid from TikTok if the audience likes your content. To get paid you have to be above 18 years old and have 10,000 followers. Once you meet these criteria and your videos have 100,000 views in the last 30 days, you can make money from TikTok.

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Too Turnt Tony’s Net Worth

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